Working safely with hazardous substances

For employees who carry out work with hazardous substances, it is important to work safely. The Working Safely with Hazardous Substances course helps employees to become aware of potential dangers. By having knowledge about the packaging, transport and storage of a hazardous substance, existing hazards can be reduced or completely excluded.

For whom?

The course is suitable for anyone who is dealing with hazardous substances. For anyone involved in the storage or transport of hazardous substances. We work with substances that can cause different types of danger, including:

  • Physico-chemical hazard
  • Health hazard
  • Environmental hazard

Working safely with Hazardous Substances certification via PlusPort

PlusPort allows you to learn the theory through interactive modules online. Almost immediately after your registration on the website you will receive the login details and you will have access to the online course that consists of various interactive modules.

The course Working Safely with Hazardous Substances consists of two parts: an online theory part and an independent written exam. To ensure that you are optimally prepared for the exam, the course is provided with practice tests and a test exam. The theoretical knowledge that you gain with the course fits in seamlessly with the practice tests, the test exam and the written exam. By following a PlusPort course you get the best preparation to get the Hazardous Substances certificate quickly and at low costs.