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The VCA course package from PlusPort consists of a digital VCA course with 12 modules including audio, the national exam and official certificate. The online course is the ideal preparation for the VCA exam. You can practice as much as you need until you pass. After the course you can take the exam in your area. With more than 40 VCA exam locations throughout the Netherlands, there is always one nearby where you can easily obtain your VCA diploma. Choose comfort and speed with the e-learning VCA course package. PlusPort arranges everything for you from your registration to obtaining your VCA diploma. View our courses and exams in other languages

Content of the VCA BASIC, VCA-VOL and VIL-VCU trainings

VCA Basic complete

VCA-VOL complete

VCA-VOL complete

For whom? Employees with executive duties Operational Managers and Main Contractors Employees and intercedents in the employment agency branch
Course package Online training and indepedent exam
Cursusduur Approx. 6 hours Approx. 9 hours  Approx. 9 hours
Course content
  • 12 online modules
  • Practice questions
  • SSVV sample exam
  • PlusPort sample exam 
  • Extra documents
Modules The VCA training course modules: Part A: Prepairing, discussing and inspecting the work 
  • Regulations and safety rules
  • Safe working, consultation and inspection
  • Prevention
Part B: Performing work
  • The workplace
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Work equipment
  • Specific activities and circumstances
Part C: Managing specific hazards 
  • Hazardous substances
  • Electricity and radiation
  • Fire and explosion
Part D: Managing incidents and emergencies 
  • Accidents
  • Emergency situations
Reference The reference work can be printed by the student before he has completed the exam. The reference is a summary and does NOT describe the entire course.
Online practice questions Each part contains knowledge and application-oriented questions. These questions can be practiced indefinitely.
Exam The VCA exam is an official national exam. VCA Basic is up to 60 minutes. VOL VCA or VIL VCU maximum 75 minutes. The student has a choice of over 50 locations. VCA Basic: 40 multiple choice questions, 26 of which must be answered correctly VOL VCA: 70 multiple choice questions, 45 of which must be answered correctly VIL VCU: 70 multiple choice questions, 45 of which must be answered correctly
Certificate  Every student who has passed the independent VCA exam will receive a personal VCA diploma and accompanying card in credit card format. The diploma is valid for 10 years. The VCA diploma is valid in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Price e-learning only € 99,00 excl. VAT
Register All VCA diplomas are registered in the CDR register (Central Diploma Register) of the VCA Examenbank. The VCA diploma is also registered in the PlusPort Academy, so that the student receives a call for renewal in time.
Price e-learning & exam € 159,00 excl. VAT  € 169,00 excl. VAT

Benefits of the VCA course with PlusPort

Prepare yourself optimally for the VCA exam by means of practice tests and test exams. When participating in the VCA course you will also have access to the digital VCA manual that serves as a reference for pieces of work. With the digital handbook you can easily look up specific information that is covered in the course modules.

VCA certificate

With PlusPort you will receive the official VCA certificate, which is valid for ten years. This certificate can be traced back to be authenticated in the Central Diploma Register . To obtain the VCA certificate, you must pass the national VCA exam . Participation in this exam can be arranged via PlusPort. However, to optimally prepare you, PlusPort also has a VCA e-learning course package, where everything up to your certification is arranged for you. Did you fail? No problem, your VCA course package will remain available for you until you have passed. Have you lost your VCA pass? E-mail us and you will immediately receive a new pass for free.