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More than five students for a VCA course or exam?

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VCA course packages
VCA Basic Dutch: e-learning & exam Sale€ 149,00
VCA Basic Dutch: e-learning & reading exam€ 159,00
VCA Basic English e-learning & exam€ 159,00
VCA Basic of VVA VOL Classroom€ 245,00
VCA-VOL Dutch e-learning & ExamSale€ 149,00
VCA-VOL English e-learning & Exam€ 159,00
VIL-VCU Dutch e-learning & Exam Sale€ 159,00
Individual Exam (including test exam)
VCA Basic Dutch Individual Exam€ 84,00
VCA Basis Polish Individual Exam€ 94,00
VCA Basic English Individual Exam€ 94,00
VIL-VCU Dutch Individual Exam€ 94,00
VCA Basic Dutch Individual Reading Exam€ 109,00
VCA-VOL Dutch Individual Exam€ 84,00
VCA-VOL English Individual Exam€ 94,00
VCA Basic Other Languages€ 134,00

All packages and exams include the certificate and pass in credit format. All prices are excluding VAT.