vca training

VCA stands for Safety Checklist Contractors. The VCA is the standard in construction, offshore, civil engineering, electrical engineering and petrochemicals. The VCA standard was created to increase safety awareness during work and to reduce occupational accidents. Nowadays, many clients require certification when issuing assignments. The VCA diploma has therefore become a real must.

Who are the VCA courses for?

Do you carry out work in circumstances with an increased risk of physical injury, other health risks or environmental issues? Then the VCA diploma is practically required. The VCA standard is applied in the most diverse branches, from very small to very large organizations. Main contractors also impose this on subcontractors, whether they come from the Netherlands or from another country within Europe.

Get a VCA diploma at PlusPort

At PlusPort or via its website you prepare with a VCA e-learning course package and the exam at one of our 50 locations. The VCA e-learning course package consists of 12 different interactive learning modules, practice tests, mock exams and a manual. Our unprecedented high success rates show that studying for VCA with interactive e-learning modules is many times more effective than conventional learning methods such as participating in a classroom session. The theory in the e-learning modules fits seamlessly with the official VCA exam that is included in the course package.

If you prefer to prepare for the exam with only a textbook, that’s also possible.