People/candidates in possession of a diploma’s that expire (or have expired) after March 12, 2020 will receive dispensation for a period of up to three months after the government withdraws its measures regarding meetings, social abstinence and physical distance. At present, these measures will last at least until 1 June 2020.

This means that the dispensation will apply until 1 September 2020 for the time being. During this period, the diploma holders may continue to work temporarily with their expired diploma.

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Available for B-VCA, VOL-VCA and VIL-VCU.

SCC stands for Safety Checklist Contractors. The certificate is intended for everyone who works in environments with an increased safety risk. In the meantime, the VCA certificate (also called VCA diploma) has become the standard in sectors such as construction, offshore and industry. PlusPort helps you achieve your certificate within 1 day. There are various e-learning course packages available such as VCA basic safety and VOL VCA. Organizations do everything in their power to eliminate and minimize risks during work. Employees must be able to work safely. The VCA standard is a method for tackling this structurally. Organizations obtain the VCA certificate and employees obtain the VCA diploma to show that they are able to work safely. Nowadays, many clients make certification mandatory when writing projects. The certificate has therefore become a must.

VCA cursusWho needs to follow a VCA course?

Do you work in circumstances with an increased risk of physical injury, other health risks or environmental issues? Then the VCA certificate or diploma is indispensable. The VCA standard is applied in the many diverse branches, from very large to small organizations. Main contractors also impose this on subcontractors, whether they come from the Netherlands or from another country within Europe. VCA is the standard in construction, offshore, civil engineering, electrical engineering and petrochemistry. Do you have to do work quickly for a client and do you not yet have a VCA diploma? Register now and we will ensure that you receive the VCA diploma as quickly as possible.

Obtain a VCA certificate with PlusPort

At PlusPort or via the dedicated website you can follow the VCA course online. Immediately after your registration on the website you will receive your login details. You get unlimited access to the online course until you pass. The training consists of 14 different interactive learning modules, practice tests, tests and instructions. Our unprecedented high success rates show that studying for VCA with interactive e-learning modules is much more effective than conventional learning methods such as participating in classroom sessions. The theory in the e-learning modules fits in seamlessly with the official VCA exam that is included in the course package. By following this PlusPort course you are able to prepare yourself in the best way in order to get the certificate quickly and at low costs. With more than 50 exam locations, there is always an exam location in your area. Register now and succeed in 1 go! Do you prefer a classroom session and a VCA exam in your area? Then this is of course also possible! Together with a handbook and test exams you can prepare for the classroom day of your choice. These days are organized throughout the Netherlands. All the material is thoroughly discussed with you in the lesson day. The exam is taken after that day. Would you rather prepare for the exam with only a manual? That is of course also possible! We will send that to you the same day. For all exams we ensure that the result is received by automatic mail within 4 working days. You will then receive the diploma in your online profile and a pass in credit card format. Save the diploma well: it is only awarded once in the Netherlands.

VCA Certificate Management

Many employers keep track of when VCA certificates expire in an Excel sheet. Are you an employer and do you want to be able to digitally follow your employees’ progress? You can get free access to VCA certificate management and digital reports from our LMS Academy software.. In certificate management you can see overviews per employee, as well as when VCA certificates will expire. Employees and you can receive an automated mail so that you do not have to keep an eye on this yourself. All for free, from us to you.