Practical Workshop and Assessment

The following will be discussed during the two practical workshop days:

  • Theoretical explanation
  • Performing practical assignments assisted by a trainer
  • Perform practical assignments under the supervision of a trainer
  • The theoretical and practical exam

Safely Securing Heavy Loads (BLVA) Theoretical exam

The theory exam takes 45 minutes. You will receive 20 questions, of which at least 14 must be answered correctly in order to obtain a passing score. You must have passed the theory exam in order to participate in the subsequent practical exam.

Safely Securing Heavy Loads (BLVA) Practical exam

The practical exam lasts 90 minutes and consists of exam assignments, which are determined in advance by the examination institute. A score of 6.0 is required in order to pass the exam.

Safely Securing Heavy Loads (BLVA) Certificate

After you have passed, you will receive the BLVA certificate and BLVA card in credit card format within approx. 3 weeks. The BLVA certificate is valid for five years.