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Safely Securing Heavy Loads E- learning complete

With the Safely Securing Heavy Loads course you have to ability of working your way through the curriculum at your own pace, while making use of the online practice tests. You then go on to the practical workshop over, two days, which is concluded with the theoretical and practical exam.

2-days: Online course + 2 day practical workshop3-days: Classical training
 Important: This course is only available in Dutch
For whom?The Safely Securing Heavy Loads (BLVA) course is intended for those who work or are going to work in the construction industry and who have to deal with catching and supervising construction site loads.
Course durationApprox. 4,5 hours online & 2 practical days3 practical days
Course content
  • 7 online modules
  • Digital handbook
  • Online practice tests
  • Online test exam
  • 2 classical days
  • Written exam
  • Practical exam
  • 3 classical days
  • Written exam
  • Practical exam
Online Modules
  • Preface
  • Preparation
  • Communication
  • Performing
  • Construction site
Reference workThe reference work can be printed by the student before the student has taken the theory exam.N/A
Practice testsThe practice tests can be practiced indefinitely.N/A
Theory-examTwo attempts for the theory exam.N/A
Certificate of participationAfter the student has passed the theory test, the student will have access to the proof of participation. This is the ticket for the practical session.N/A
Practical day program
  • Theoretical explanation
  • Perfrom practical assingments by a trainer
  • Perfrom practical assingments yourself under the supervision of a trainer

The student must take care of personal protective equipment such as:

  • well-fitting clothing
  • safety shoes (s3 norm)
  • safety helmet (pay attention to validity!)
  • safety glasses
  • work gloves
Theory-examA theory exam is taken on location. The theory exam takes 45 minutes.
Practical examThe practical exam consists of multiple assignments and takes 90 minutes.
CertificateEvery student who has passed the theory exam and the practical day will receive a certificate in their profile. This certificate is valid for 5 years.
Certificate RegistrationThe certificate is registered in the PlusPort Academy, so that the student receives a call for renewal in time.
SubsidyThe Safely Securing Heavy Loads course falls under the category 62A courses of the Training Fund for the Construction Company. The amount of the subsidy is determined by the Board of the Training Fund for the Construction Company and consists of a daily allowance and a reimbursement for lost and traveling expenses.
If you qualify for this subsidy, you must register directly with Mammoet Training Center in Hoogvliet OR SOMA Bedrijfsopleidingen in Harderwijk.

Benefits of the Safely Securing Heavy Loads course with PlusPort

Prepare yourself optimally for the Safely Securing Heavy Loads (BLVA) exam by means of practice tests and test exams. When participating in the course you will also have access to the digital manual that serves as a reference for pieces of work. With the digital handbook you can easily look up specific information that is covered in the course modules.