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The course package consists of the digital ‘Safe Work Along Roads and Highways’ course and exam. The online course is the perfect preparation for the online final test. With the course ‘Safe Work Along Roads and Highways’, your road workers will be taught step by step through the guidelines laid down in the Construction CAO, article 70. The guidelines were drawn up by CROW and published in the road deposition manual.

Safe Work Along Roads and Highways course content

Safe Work Along Roads and Highways Complete
Important: This course is only available in Dutch
AimBeing able to perform work safely along the road.
For whom?The certificate is mandatory for road workers. Anyone who carries out work on the road must obtain the ‘Safe Work Along Roads and Highways’ certificate. The student does not need prior education to follow the course.
Course packageOnline training.
Course levelMBO
Course contentThe online training will teach you everything you need to know about working safely along roads and highways. This training consists of:

  • 6 online modules including a practice test per module
  • Digital reference work
  • Online theory exam
ModulesThe Safe Work Along Roads and Highways Complete course consists of the following modules:

  • Policy framework
  • Accident theory
  • Risks and measurements
  • Applying measures within city ​​limitss (96B) (only for city ​​limit: €79,-)
  • Applying measures on Motorways (96A) (only for motorways: €79,-)
  • Practice
Digital refernce work During the online course the student has access to the digital reference work with all guidelines and exam material.
Online practice testsEach module is concluded with a practice test including feedback on the answers given
Online examThe course is concluded with the online theory exam.
CetificateIf the student has passed the online exam, they will receive a digital certificate. This certificate is valid for 5 years.
RegistrationCertificates are registered in the PlusPort Academy. The student receives a call for an extension of the certificate in time.
Price€ 89,00


Benefits of the Safe Work Along Roads and Highways course with PlusPort

Prepare yourself optimally for the final online exam using the practice tests and refernce work. With the digital handbook you can easily look up specific information that is covered in the course modules.