NEN 3140 IV

The Working Conditions Act obliges the employer and employee to create an electrically safe work environment. The NEN 50110 / NEN 3140 guideline helps to guarantee this safety. This standard not only applies to the electrical installation industry, but to all technicians involved in electrical installation.

The NEN 3140 standard provides an outline of how to work safely with electrical systems. The NEN directive sets out minimum requirements that workplaces and work equipment must comply with, so that employees can work safely in those locations. Our NEN 3140 course meets the European NEN 3140 guidelines.

NEN 3140 (IV) Installation Manager

NEN 3140 (IV) Installation Manager
Important: These courses are only available in Dutch
Course Aim Refreshing the knowledge and skills in the field of safe working near, on or with electrical objects in the low-voltage areas.
For whom? For everyone who is responsible for electrical installations and who has to take care of the technical condition, operations, maintenance and adjustments.
Course level You have extensive experience with electrical installation work.
Course duration 09:30 am to  04:30 pm
Course content
  • Textbook (will be sent to the student upon registration up to 5 working days before the start)
  • Worksheets
  • Classroom training including practical assignments
  • Catering (coffee / tea, light lunch)
Teaching Material The following textbook is used during the classroom training:
Groenewegen, R.E.M., (2015) Installation manager and work manager NEN3140, Gouda, Uitgeverij Vertoog.

The development of theoretical knowledge enables the student to work safely and healthily in electrical engineering. The student’s knowledge is refreshed and improved. The student links that knowledge directly to daily practice with the help of current case studies.

We work in small groups

The student learns:

  • Relevant standards (NEN-EN 50110-1 and NEN 3140)
  • Basic principles of safe working
  • Risk assessment based on accident causes
  • Determine and record inspection periods
  • Competences, work procedures (work without voltage, work under voltage and work in the vicinity of active parts), requirements for personnel, organization, work assignments, tools and PPE.


  • IV inspections and equipemnt
  • IV reporting fake
  • WV and IV designation and instruction
  • WV and IV emergency situations
  • WV and IV working safely legislation
  • WV and IV tools
Certificate of participation Every student who has followed the classroom training and has taken an active position will receive a Certificate of Participation by post.
This proof is not a NEN3140 Certificate .
Locations The classroom training is provided in the regions of Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Zwolle.
Price  € 299,- excl. BTW

NEN 3140 IV and WV Online

NEN 3140 Work responsible person (IV / WV) | Online with online final test
Important: These courses are only available in Dutch
Course Aim For electrically skilled persons who perform electrical work on low-voltage installations (eg. inspection, maintenance, expansion).
For whom? Gain knowledge of the tasks and responsibilities of the instructions installation manager (IV) and / or work manager (WV).
Results After completing this course the student has refreshed their knowledge of VOP / VP and they have knowledge of the tasks and responsibilities of the instructions installation manager (IV) and / or work manager (WV).
Conditions Have knowledge of NEN 3140 VOP / VP
Course level MBO+
Course duration Approx. 6 hours
Course content
  • 6 online modules including a practice test per module.
  • Reference work
  • Final test
Online modules
  • Laws and regulations
  • Hazards of electricity
  • People
  • Material
  • Work safely
  • Electrical engineering
Reference work The student can consult the refernce work during the online course.
Online final test Two attempts for the final test.
Certificate of participation After successful completion of the final test, the student receives a Certificate of Participation in the profile. With this proof, the student demonstrates that they have taken note of the IV requirements.
This proof is not a Diploma.
Certificate Registration The proof of participation is registered in the PlusPort Academy.
Price  € 99,- excl. BTW