Food Hygiene (HACCP) in Healthcare

The Food Hygiene HACCP in healthcare is a certification method to guarantee food safety. Guidelines have been drawn up for this that you will go through step by step during the Food Hygiene HACCP in healthcare training. This includes all food and drink, but also raw materials and consumables used in food. If you work in this sector, HACCP in healthcare certification is mandatory.

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Food Hygiene HACCP in Healthcare course content

Food Hygiene HACCP in Healthcare 
AimAfter the online course you will know how the HACCP guideline works in healthcare, how it should be applied in practice and what you should do if you work with food (restaurant or small-scale living).
For whom?For employees who have not previously obtained the HACCP inHealthcare certificate and are going to work at a care institution, where they will have to prepare food.
Course packageDigital training
Course levelFrom MBO
Course durationApprox. 4 hours
Course content
  • 6 online modules, including 1 practice test per module
  • Digitaal reference work
  • Online final exam
ModulesThe course consists of the following modules:

  • The importance of hygiene
  • Personal hygiene
  • Cleaning, waste and vermin.
  • Temperature control
  • Ordering, storage and shelf life
  • Prepare, present and serve
Digital reference workDuring the digital course the student has access to the digital reference work with all the guidelines and exam materials.
Online practice testsYour knowledge is tested with the online practice tests per module. The practice tests provide feedback on your given answers.
Online examThe Food Hygiene HACCP in Healthcare course concludes with an online final exam.
CertificateEvery student who has passed the online final exam will receive a personal certificate. The certificate is valid for an indefinite period.
RegisterCertificates are registered in the PlusPort Academy. Students receive a call in time for renewal of the certificate.
Price €69,- excl. BTW

Benefits of the Food Hygiene (HACCP) course with PlusPort

Prepare yourself optimally for the HACCP exam using the practice tests and refernce work. With the digital handbook you can easily look up specific information that is covered in the course modules.

HACCP certificate

At PlusPort you will receive an official HACCP certificate. The certificate is valid for an indefinite period. With the HACCP certificate you can prove that you carry out your work in accordance with the guidelines of the hygiene code that apply in accordance with the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority. The government checks intensively whether you are in possession of the HACCP certificate. PlusPort has made an online course package available so that you can prepare optimally. The course is concluded with an online exam, after which you will receive the official HACCP certificate.