Course Content

The course package consists of a digital Food Hygiene (HACCP) course and exam. The online course is the ideal preparation for the HACCP exam. This course is followed by the online HACCP exam. Choose comfort and speed with the online Food Hygiene HACCP course. HACCPdirect arranges everything for you from your registration to obtaining your certificate. The course is also available in Dutch.

The content of the Food Hygiene (HACCP) course

Food Hygiene (HACCP)| € 69.-
Goal After the digital course you will know how the HACCP method works, how it should be applied in practice and what you should do when working with food. In this training, attention is also paid to the  transportation, receiving, preparing and storing food.
Suited for For employees who have not previously obtained the HACCP hygiene code certificate and are going to work at an organization that produces, distributes, processes or serves food in the hospitality industry.
Course package Online training which is concluded with a final test
Course Level From MBO
Duration Aprox. 4 hours
Online theory

With the online training you will learn everything you need to know about food safety, the HACCP method and its practical implementation.

The training consists of:

  • 7 online modules with practice tests
  • Online reference work
  • Online final test
Modules The Food Hygiene HACCP training consists of the following modules:

  • The importance of hygiene and the HACCP method
  • Personal hygiene
  • Cleaning, waste and vermin
  • Temperature control
  • Furnishing business premises
  • Purchasing, storage and shelf life
  • Prepare, present and serve
Digitaal reference work During the digital course you have access to the digital handbook with all the guidelines and exam material.
Practice tests Prepare as much as you need with practice tests as an ideal preparation for the online exam.
Learn from the mistakes you made by looking back through feedback.
Online exam After the training modules, the Food Hygiene HACCP course is concluded with an online final exam.
Result The results are visible immediately after the completion of the final test.
Certificate After you have successfully completed the final test, you will receive the digital certificate Food Hygiene HACCP as a PDF document in “My profile”. You can download and print it directly.
Ca. two weeks after the result, if successful, you will receive a pass in credit card format by post.
Price  €69,- excluding tax


Benefits of the Food Hygiene (HACCP) course with PlusPort

Prepare yourself optimally for the HACCP exam using the practice tests and refernce work. With the digital handbook you can easily look up specific information that is covered in the course modules.

HACCP certificate

At PlusPort you will receive an official HACCP certificate. The certificate is valid for an indefinite period. With the HACCP certificate you can prove that you carry out your work in accordance with the guidelines of the hygiene code that apply in accordance with the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority. The government checks intensively whether you are in possession of the HACCP certificate. PlusPort has made an online course package available so that you can prepare optimally. The course is concluded with an online exam, after which you will receive the official HACCP certificate.