When working with food, hygiene always has the highest priority. You as a person and your organization are expected to follow the hygiene code based on the HACCP. HACCP is a certification method that guarantees safety and social hygiene. All companies that produce, process, transport and / or store food are required to implement a HACCP system. Certification of employees is therefore a requirement.

Who is the HACCP training for?

Do you perform work for an organization that deals with the production, processing and/or distribution of food? Then the HACCP certification is required for you.

HACCP certification at PlusPortHACCP cursus 

PlusPort allows you to follow the HACCP course online. Almost immediately after your registration on the website you will receive the login codes with which you will have access to the online course that consists of various interactive modules. The theory fits in seamlessly with the exam that is included in the course package. With PlusPort you can get the HACCP certificate quickly, easily and at low costs.

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In addition to the HACCP training, we also offer courses on Social Hygiene and Allergen Declaration.