Course Content

Before working in a confined space, a gas measurement is mandatory. It is of great importance that the gas measurement is performed correctly and reliably. Dräger Nederland and PlusPort offer the Gas Measurement Ex-Ox-Tox training consisting of an online training and a practical workshop, where Dräger equipment is used. This halves the traditional training time; instead of 2 days, the student only needs one day to complete the practical part of the course. 

Training employees to ensure that they can perform a reliable gas measurement with, for example, explosive or toxic vapors, or to determine the oxygen content in a room, is the basis for this. The training that has been developed in collaboration with the content experts of Dräger Nederland BV and meets the requirements in the SSVV Training Guide.

Gas Measurement Ex-Ox-Tox Basic NL Course Package

E-learning & practical workshop incl. Dräger exam | € 295 excl. BTW
Course aimGain knowledge about everything that you need to know about selection, operation and correct use of instruments for the direct detection and concentration measurement of ftoxic gases and vapors as well as those of flammable gases and vapors.
For whom?For everyone who is responsible for measuring technical tasks for the protection of persons, installations, as well as for managers, skilled workers and employees who are responsible for handling hazardous substances and wokring in confined spaces.
Course packageOnline training and one workshop day at Dräger Netherlands with Dräger exam.
Course levelMBO
MBOEntry requirements
  • Student must be at least 18 years old
  • MBO working and thinking level (minimum level 3)
Course durationApprox. 6 hours of onlilne learning and 1 practical workshop day
PreparationThe student must have passed the online tehory exam before the class day
Online training content
  • 8 online modules including practice tests per module
  • Digital reference work
  • Online theory exam
  • Certificate of participation
  • Laws and regulations
  • General physical properties
  • OX Oxygen
  • EX Fire and explosion hazard
  • TOX Toxic substances
  • Measuring principles
  • Gas measurement in practice
  • Confined spaces
Online practice testsWhere relevant, a learning module has a practice test so that the student can test his / her knowledge. Taking the practice test is not mandatory and therefore has no influence on the progress percentage.
Digital reference workThe reference work can be printed by the student before the student has taken the online theory exam.
Online-theory examThe theory exam consists of 2 partial exams,

  • partial exam “Gas Measurement General” and
  • partial exam “Reading Chemical Chart”

The student must have passed both partial exams in order to be eligible for proof of participation.

Certificate of participationAfter the student has passed the online theory exam, the student will have access to the Certificate of Participation. This proof is the admission ticket for the practical day.
Practical workshopThis is conducted by content experts from Dräger Nederland B.V. and takes place at Dräger Nederland B.V. in Hoogvliet or Zoetermeer. Minimum 6 participants, maximum 10 participants.

8:30 am to 4:00 pm


  • Substances/ behaviors
  • Gas measurement and techniques


  • Control Equipment
  • Ex-Ox-Tox measurements on measurement setups
  • Measurement report and conclusion

Dräger exam

CertificateIf the student has successfully completed the online theory exam and teh practical trainer has declared the student competent, teh student has passed. The student will receive the Gas Measurement Ex-Ox-Tox certificate in their profile. The certificate is vallid for 3 years.
Certificate registrationCertificates are registered in the PlusPort Academy, so that the student a call for renewal in time.
Price€295,- excl BTW