Reach Truck

For carrying out work with a reach truck, it is mandatory under the Occupational Health and Safety Act to be in possession of a valid Reach Truck Certificate. The reason for this obligation is the large number of incidents that occur annually during the use of a reach truck.

As an employer, you want to meet the requirements of the Working Conditions Act and insurers. In addition, as an entrepreneur you are obliged under the Occupational Health and Safety Act to instruct your employees thoroughly or have them instructed about the reach truck and safety. You can also positively influence costs and safety with reachtruck training. By using a reach truck in the right way, work can be done efficiently and safety on the work floor is promoted. After all, with a Reachtruck course the driver learns to be aware of the potential hazards at all times and preventive action can be taken where a potential risk is present.

Reach Truck Operation course content

Reach truck Operation (selfstudy)
Important: This course is only available in Dutch
Course aimPromote safety and efficiency in the workplace. Become aware of potential hazards and learn to act preventively.
For whom?For reach truck drivers with little experience who want to learn the theory online
Course packageOnline theory & practical workshop classical
Course levelMBO
Course durationApprox. 4 hours online learning & 1 day (approx. 5 hours driving)
PreparationBefore the practical session the student must have passed the online theory exam, print the “Proof of Participation” and take it to the practical session.
Online theoryWith the online training the student learns everything they need to know about the reach truck and driving a reach truck. This training consists of:

  • 5 online modules including practice test per module
  • Digital reference work
  • Online theory exam
  • Certificate of participation
  1. The Working Conditions Act
  2. Transport and lifting equipment
  3. Drive
  4. Transport and storage
  5. Safety
Digital reference workThe reference work can be printed by the student as long as the result of the practical session is not yet registered.
Online practice testsAfter completing the online theory, the student can test their knowledge unlimitedly using the online practice tests.
Online theory- examThe student completes the online theory with the online theory exam.
Certificate of participation

After the student has passed the online theory exam, the student will have access to the Certificate of Participation. The following day this proof is also under “My profile”. This proof is not a certificate. This proof is the admission ticket for the practical day.

The student must print this proof, take it to the practical session and give it to the trainer.

Practical workshop

The practical workshop is really about putting into practice the knowledge gained during the online training. The student carries out the exercises with a reach truck. The student also uses an electrical pallet (EPT) and stacker.

Practical workshops are organized in small groups so that there is always sufficient attention for each individual student.
The student can choose from more than 10 locations in the Netherlands.

Program1. Theory
During the theoretical part, both forklift and reach truck are treated as standard. The following topics are discussed:

  • Safety A.I.14 and Working Conditions Act
  • Professional knowledge
  • Load graph and truck load
  • Daily maintenance: battery, motor and the like.
  • Traffic regulations
  • Damages and costs

The theory part is concluded with a short theory exam.

2. Practice
A reach truck is used during this practical day.

The following topics are discussed:

  • Daily maintenance (preparation for roadworthiness)
  • Operation & control
  • Cold stacking, pallet and entry racks
  • Loading and Unloading containers and loading buckets
  • Battery and motor maintenance
  • Awareness of hazards and risks

  • You must wear safety shoes during the practical session
  • You may not participate if you use medication that may affect your ability to drive
  • You must indicate to the instructor whether you have any limitations that may affect your ability to drive
  • You must bring your own lunch


  • Verification tests
  • Practical test
CertificteIf the student has successfully completed the online theory exam and the practical trainer has declared the student competent, the student has passed. The student receives the REACH TRUCK certificate in their profile and the pass by post. The certificate is valid for 5 years.
Price € 289,- exclusief BTW

Advantages of the Reach Truck Operation course at PlusPort

Prepare yourself optimally for the practical exam by means of practice tests and test exams. When participating in the Reach Truck course you have access to the digital manual that serves as reference work. With the digital handbook you can search for specific information quickly and easily.

Reach Truck Operation certification

The Reach Truck certificate is valid for five years, after which you can take a Reach Truck refresher course to re-certify you in the short term.