Forklift Operation

Do you carry out work using a forklift, reach truck or aerial platform? Then you are legally obliged to be in possession of a certificate for forklift, reach truck or aerial platform. You and your employer are expected to ensure that all drivers can handle these types of work vehicles responsibly. An important argument from the government to make this certificate mandatory is the large number of incidents that occur annually in combination with a forklift.

For whom?

Do you regularly or occasionally carry out work with a forklift, reach truck or aerial platform and are you, for example, a warehouse employee or a production employee? Then such certification is required for you.

Forklift, Reachtruck or Aerial platform certification via forklift-direct

Almost immediately after your registration on the website you will receive the login details and you will have access to the online course that consists of various interactive modules. The theory fits in seamlessly with the relevant practical day in which you subsequently participate. Because you have already learned everything through e-learning, you can focus on the actual actions during the practical workshop. This makes the course very effective and only requires you to participate in a full day or half a day practical workshop.