Head of Fire & Evacuation Alarm System

A fire alarm system in a building can only continue to function effectively if the relevant manager ensures that the necessary management, control and maintenance are carried out correctly.. One of the conditions that must be met for issuing the Fire Alarm System Certificate upon both completion and maintenance (recertification) is the presence of at least one certified Fire Alarm System Administrator. The fulfillment of the manager’s criteria is demonstrated by the ‘Fire Alarm and Evacuation Alarm System Manager’ diploma from the Netherlands Institute for Emergency Response (NIBHV).

Fire & Evacuation alarm system administratot BMI-OAI Course Package

ClassicE-learning + practical
AimThe primary purpose of this training is that the organization meets the legal requirement. In addition, the knowledge gained enables the course participant to deal in a responsible manner with the most common situations with regard to the management and use of the fire alarm and evacuation alarm system.
For whom?For persons who are or will be responsible for the management of fire alarm and evacuation alarm systems.
Course package
  • Teaching material at the start of the training
  • Classroom training
  • Approved NIBHV BMI-OAI exam
  • Online training + NIBHV textbook
  • Classroom training
  • Approved NIBHV BMI-OAI exam
Entry requirementsSome technical knowledge and affinity with the in-house emergency response organization is an advantage.
Course levelMBO
Course duration1,5 practical days Approx. 4 hours online + 1 practical day
PreparationBefore the start of the 1st day of class – none Before the start of the 2nd day of class – making the homework assignment which is given to the student on the 1st day of class. This homework assignment is part of the exam.For the practical session the student must have passed the online theory exam, print the “Proof of participation” and take it to the practical session. The student must also have worked out the project assignment sent to him / her and take the details of it to the practical session.
Online training modulesN/A
  • The manager
  • The legal basis
  • The technique
  • The activities of the manager
Online practice testsN/AEvery learning module has a practice test so that the student can test their knowledge. Taking the practice test is not mandatory and therefore has no influence on the progress percentage.
Online theory-examN/AThe allowed time period for the theory exam is 45 minutes. The exam consists of 25 multiple choice questions, 17 of which must be answered correctly in order to be eligible for proof of participation
Certificate of participationN/AAfter the student has passed the online theory exam, the student will have access to the Certificate of Participation. The following day this proof is also under “My profile”. This proof is not a certificate. The proof is the admission ticket for the practical session.
Project assignmentCompletion of the homework assignment which is given to the student on the 1st day of class. This homework assignment is part of the exam.Every student receives a project assignment with the NIBHV book. The project assignment must be worked out independently by the student. The elaboration of the project assignment must be taken (on paper) to the practical session. The student takes approximately 1 hour to complete the project assignment. The project assignment is part of the exam. If the project assignment is not made, or if the student forgets to take the details to the practical session, the NIBHV exam cannot be taken!
PracticalThe practice day is conducted by teachers of Dräger Nederland B.V. Minimum 8 participants, maximum 12 participants. The practice day takes place at Dräger Nederland B.V. in Hoogvliet or Zoetermeer.
  • The purpouse of a fire and evacuation alarm system
  • When is a fire and evacuation system required?
  • Which requirements must a fire and evacuation alarm system meet?
  • Construction and operation of a fire alarm and evacuation alarm system, including the associated elements such as (manual) fire alarms, slow whoop, secondary indicators, etc.
  • Tasks and responsabilities of the manager
  • Monthly, 4-monthly and annual checks by the manager
  • Preventive maintenance and minor repairs by the manager
  • Handling of alarm and malfunction reports
  • Keeping the log
  • Coordination between manager and maintenance expert
  • Changes to (the use of) a building
  • Switching off part of the fire alarm system
  • Introduction, handing in project assignments and answering questions concerning online training and NIBHV book.
  • The fire alarm system (BMI).
  • Monthly, 4/8 monthly and 12-monthly checks of BMI and OAI.
  • Different types of evacuation alarm systems (OAI).
  • Testing detectors and replacing glass panes of manual fire detectors in practice.
  • Procedure for switching off (parts of) the installation.
  • NIBHV exam
  • Concluding, answering questions regarding the exam and evaluation.
ExamThe NIBHV BMI-OAI exam is an official national exam. You get 45 minutes to complete the exam. Of the 25 questions, 17 must be answered correctly. Your homework assignment must also be assessed as satisfactory.
DiplomaIf the student has passed the exam, the NIBHV BMI-OAI diploma will be sent by post within 4 to 5 weeks. The student also receives a digital copy in his / her profile at the PlusPort Academy. This diploma is valid indefinitely.
Diploma RegistrationThe Diplomas are registered in the PlusPort Academy. This way you will always have it with you
Price€395,- excl BTW  €225,- excl BTW