Emergency Response (BHV)

Within every organizations it is mandatory that there is always at least one or qualified company first aider present. The company first aid provider is able to offer first aid in the event of emergencies at the workplace. This can be, for example, an evacuation or a personal accident.

For whom?

Every employee within an organization can be trained to be an emergency response worker. The usual maintained ratio is one in-house emergency worker for every ten employees.

PlusPort offers different types of Emergency Response (BHV) trainings BHV cursus

In addition to the basic BHV and refresher course, PlusPort offers a wide range of other BHV, first aid and AED training courses. View the complete overview here.

Emergency Response (BHV) certification with PlusPort

At PlusPort you will follow the theory part of the course online. You will receive the login details and you will have access to the online course that consists of various interactive modules, almost immediately after your registration on the website. The theory fits in seamlessly with the final test and the practical day. By following a BHV course from PlusPort you will get the best preparation to get the BHV certificate quickly and at low costs.