Emergency Response in Healthcare

Emergency Response in healthcare is specially developed for employees in the healthcare sector. The difference with regard to the Emergency Response Basic course can be found in the Fire Fighting and Evacuation module. In the course Emergency Response in Healthcare you have the choice of 4 work areas in the Fire Fighting and Evacuation module; Disabled, Children, Elderly and Psychiatry.

For whom?

The Emergency Response (BHV) in Healthcare course  intended for employees who mainly work in the areas of disability, the elderly, children or psychiatry and who have not previously followed a BHV training.

Emergency Response in Healthcare certification via PlusPort

After completing the online course you will receive a proof of participation. This proof is not a certificate. To obtain the certificate, you must follow a practical workshop. This proof is your admission ticket for the practical workshop and assessment. You must print this proof and take it with you.

Ask your employer with whom you can book this practical workshop. If you are free to book it yourself, you can book the practical workshop via PlusPort.