Elevator Evacuation

If a lift service malfunctions, it is important to prevent as many irritations and panic-like reactions from those involved in the lift as possible. Important basic knowledge and serious practical exercises are therefore necessary to release passengers quickly and safely from the no longer functioning lift.

The Liberation from lifts course was developed in close collaboration with experience expert TÜV. There are currently around 90,000 lifts installed in the Netherlands. Around 180,000 people per year are locked up in a lift cabin for various reasons. It is important for the trapped lift passengers that they are expertly, safely and quickly released.

With the Elevator Evacuation course you learn how to safely release passengers locked up in a lift.

Suitable for all brands of lifts!
Because much attention is paid to the functional functioning of the various main components of a lift, you can apply the knowledge gained to each brand of lift.

Easily obtain your certification!

With the Elevator Evacuation course you get your certificate quickly, easily and reliably.

You go through the theory at home or at your workplace via the internet. After you have completed the theory, you will be well prepared for the practical session.

After completing the course, every successful student will receive the certificate Free from lifts. Proof that you have sufficient knowledge to safely release passengers locked in the elevator.