First Aid refresher course

If you have previously obtained your First Aid certificate, you must refresh your knowledge annually. Our First Aid refresher course allows you to do this.

First Aid refresher course content

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First Aid Refresher course
AimRefreshing and supplementing the knowledge and skills in the field of First Aid.
For whom?Anyone who is trained as a first aid person, in accordance with the guidelines of the Oranje Kruis.
Course package1 practice day per year
To renew your first aid diploma, you need to repeat all competencies in two years. Five compulsory components per year (module 1) in combination with module 2 or 3 (Orange cross determines which module).Module 1 & 3 from 1-10-2018 to 1-10-2019
Module 1 & 2 from 1-10-2019 to 1-10-2020
Course conditionsYou need to be in possession of a valid First Aid diploma, physically capable of performing the practical actions.
PreparationYou will receive a homework assignment prior to the course
First Aid practical day program

08:30 – 16:00

After taking two refresher First Aid classes (one annualy, and the second one every other year), all mandatory subjects for the practical day were discussed, such as:

Module 1 (every year)

  • ABCDE approximation scheme
  • Transport over a short distance
  • Disorders consciousness
  • Respiratory disorders
  • CPR & AED

Module 2 (every other year)

  • Shock
  • Bruises and fractures
  • External bleeding
  • Bandaging
  • Human body

Module 3 (every other year)

  • Burns
  • Eye damage
  • Electric Injury
  • Poisoning
  • Cold and heat injury
ExamThe First aid instructor tests the skills of the student.
Certificate The certificate is valid for two years.
Price € 199,00 excl. BTW