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How can you recognize the presence of carbon monoxide and prevent it in a home? Carbon monoxide causes deaths and hospitalizations annually, also caused by central heating boilers that we think are safe. Carbon monoxide detectors is one of the subjects that is covered in the training.

Carbon Monoxide course content

E-learning | €39,- excl BTW
Important: This course is only available in Dutch
Aim After following the online Carbon Monoxide course you will know what the dangers of carbon monoxide are. In addition, the candidate also learns how the dangers can be reduced.
For whom? For everyone who works in home care such as maternity assistants and district nurses, but also employees who work in homes, such as caretakers, electricians.
Course level MBO
Coure duration Approx. 30 minutes
Course content
  • Online training module
  • Final test
  • Reference work
Modules of the training The following modules are covered:

  • What is carbon monoxide
  • How carbon monoxide is formed
  • How you can prevent it
Digital reference work The digital reference work can be printed before the student has taken the final test.
Certificate Every student who has successfully completed the final test will receive a personal certificate in the PlusPort profile. The certificate is valid for an indefinite period.
Certificate Registration Certificates are registered in the PlusPort Academy.
Price €39,- excl BTW