ATEX Classroom

For work with an increased risk of explosion, it is advisable on the basis of the Occupational Health and Safety Act to properly train your employees with regard to ATEX in accordance with IECEx 05. The training offer includes training for:

  • Installers and fitters
  • Inspectors and auditors
  • Designers
  • Managers and Responsible parties for zone classification and/ or EVD.

View the entire overview below:

ATEX EX001 Basic Principles€ 675,-
ATEX EX002 Zoning/ Classification€ 450,-
ATEX EX003 Installing Equipment€ 1150,-
ATEX EX003/006 Installing and Testing Equipment€ 1395,-
ATEX EX004 Maintenance Equipment€ 845,-
ATEX EX005 Reparation and Revision Equipment€ 725,-
ATEX EX007/008 Inspection Equipment€ 845,-
ATEX EX009 Engineering Principles€ 1995,-
ATEX EX010 To carry out Audits€ 450,-
ATEX Maintenance Explosion Protection Document / EVD EX011€ 450,-
ATEX Preparation of Explosion Protection Document (EVD)€ 725,-
ATEX for Operators (EXOP)€ 450,-