Course Content

Air Cargo Security Employee Basic Classroom NL/ENAir Cargo Security Employee Basic Blended NL/EN
Course aimIncreasing the security awareness of the student regarding the safe logistic chain for air freight in civil aviation. This according to the requirements of the EU regulation 2015/1998 and the National Aviation Security Training Program. This provides a personal certificate that is recognized in all 28 EU Member States. This training is intended for the persons who will be authorized to carry out the visual checks of safe air freight from known consignor / permanent consignor and authorized agent.
For whom?For everyone with access to identifiable air cargo.
Course levelMBO (Intermediate vocational education)
Course conditions

Valid VOG statement regarding behavior & Career screening for the past 5 years.

The employer is obliged to hold a valid VOG (statement of conduct) & Career screening of the last 5 years of the course participant. The employer is responsible for having these documents from the student. The trainer may assume that these documents are present at the employer and may not check this. These documents do not have to be taken to the training.

Course durationApprox. 4 hours classroom trainingApprox. 2,5 hours online learning (prior to classroom training) & 1,5 hours classroom training
Course contentTheory & testing
  • 6 online modules including a knowledge check per module
  • Online theory exam
  • Classroom training
LanguageAvailable in both Dutch and English.
ModulesN.A.6 online modules per training:

  • Laws and legal regulations
  • Terrorism
  • Security Awareness
  • Air cargo chain
  • Air cargo inspection
  • Security measures
Online theory examN.A.Max. 3 attempts for the online theory exam
Proof of participationN.A.

Once the participant has passed the online theory exam, the participant will be given access to the Proof of Participation. This document will also be available under My Profile the following day.

This document serves as admission to the classroom session.  

Course materialThe course participant receives no course material, but can take notes during the course.N.A.
Programme classroom trainingThe following topics will be discussed during the classroom session:

  • Knowledge transfer
  • Interaction
  • Attitude
  • Practicall knowledge & skills
  • Theory exam
The following topics will be discussed during the classroom session:

  • Questions regarding the e-learning
  • Interaction
  • Attitude
  • Practicall knowledge & skills
CertificateIf the participant passes the (online) theory exam and the instructor decides that the participant is competent, the participant passes the course. The participant will then receive the certificate in PDF format in his/her personal profile. The certificate is valid for 1 year.
RegisterThe certificate will be registered in the PlusPort Academy whereby the student receives a reminder 3 months before the expiration date of the certificate to take a refresher course within the following 3 months.
ParticularitiesIf the course participant is in possession of a valid Air Cargo Employee certificate, the student can extend the validity by successfully completing the Air Cargo Security Employee Refresher Online or Air Cargo Security Employee Refresher Classroom Course annually before the expiry date of the certificate.
AvailabilityOpen Calendar & IncompanyIncompany only