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In theory, anyone can suffer a cardiac arrest. At home, at work or on the street, it can suddenly happen. Every week this creates around 300 victims. After 6 minutes, permanent damage occurs and an ambulance is usually not on time. The victim therefore depends on bystanders who know how to act. During our AED course, the student quickly learns how to respond. The course provides a crystal clear explanation about CPR and use of an AED.

AED & CPR course package

Important: This course is only available in Dutch
AimLearn to resuscitate in the event of a cardiac arrest.
For whom?The AED course is for everyone. It is not a complicated course. During the AED course you will learn step by step how to use the AED case and how it works. The more people know how to act, the fewer victims.
Course packageOnline training.
Course levelMBO
Course durationThe online training takes approximately 1 hour.
Online theoryThe training consists of:

  • 5 online modules
  • Digital reference work
  • Online practice tests
  • Online final exam
ModulesThe training consists of the following modules:

  • Introduction
  • Survive
  • CPR
  • AED
  • Other information
Digital HandbookDuring the digital course the student has access to the digital reference work with all guidelines and exam material.
Online theory ExamYour knowledge is tested through the online practice tests. The practice tests provide feedback on your given answers.
Online final examThe course is concluded with the online Final exam.
CertificateEvery student who has passed the online final exam will receive a personal certificate. The certificate is valid for 1 year. This may seem short, but it is important to refresh your knowledge regularly.
Certificate RegistrationCertificates are registered in the PlusPort Academy. Students receive a timely call for renewal of the certificate.
Price €49,- excl BTW