Practical Workshop

After you have completed theory via internet, you are ready to participate in the practical day. During the practical day you will first receive a short theory exam, then you will actively start to implement procedures and actions in practice. Heftruck-direct organizes practical days throughout the Netherlands. So there is always a possibility available in your area.

Practical workshop of the Forklift Operation course

The practical workshop only lasts half a day (refresher course) or a full day (basic course). The following components are covered during this practical day:

  • Short theory exam
  • Vehicle inspection
  • Driving and performing assingments in accordance with CCV :
  • Moving loads
  • Trail driving with and without load
  • With a wide load through a narrow passage
  • Take the load low and store it high
  • Lift the load high and put it away low
  • Precision stacking
  • Parking vehicle

Basic or refresher course

The basic forklift truck (or reach truck) course is suitable for employees who have little or no experience in performing work with a forklift truck. The forklift refresher course is ideal for drivers who already have experience in driving forklifts and for drivers who need to renew their old forklift certificate. The difference between the two courses is that the practical day lasts one day in the case of a basic course and only takes half a day in the case of a refresher course.