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Recently we have been working differently together and our meetings are mainly online. Positions and tasks are changing and other competencies are required. How do you take people into new ways of working? How do you ensure that people develop the desired competencies? And do you let the manager or employee be in control?

A Performance Management System (PMS) lets you make the step from a standard conversation cycle to an experience – a portal for the development of an employee. This facilitates the continuous conversation between manager and employee about competences and performance. And encourage your employees to get started with their growth of development.

Perfomance Management Systeem


‘74% of the employees think that they are responsible for developing the right competencies but do not really know what they need to be future-proof (59%)’

Source: HR Benchmark Visma | Raet

About the software

Focus on performance and development

The Performance Management System (PMS) supports the HR conversation cycle by securing objectives, progress, competence scores and development agreements. The cycle can be arranged differently for different groups of employees. You decide yourself whether you are in control or your managers or employees.

360 degrees feedback

With the feedback function the employees can easily request feedback from colleagues, managers or external parties such as customers. This is how they receive feedback on their competences and behavior. In addition, this provides additional information for the conversation cycle.

Competency Management

In the PMS you can automatically link positions and corresponding competencies to the conversation cycle. This makes it clear as to what is expected from the employees. During the conversation cycle or via the feedback function, employees can have their competencies scored. This creates insight into the competencies at both employee and organization level.

Employee development

The PMS provides the manager and the employee with insight into the competence scores for the current position or another position that the employee is working up to. If a competency is needed you can make it a development objective or Personal Development Plan (PDP) in the conversation cycle.

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