Technical partners

Innovative cloud software for SMEs, wholesale and the (semi) public sector
Fully integrated HR cloud software

HR and payroll solutions

One software solution for the entire organization

Training partners: our friend trainers

A complete range of emergency response courses and services
Becoming the best at what you, do starts at the Academie voor Vastgoed
All-in-one work safety, a safe feeling

The right care for the right client

Expert in safety & emergency response

Refresher training in healthcare in the Randstad, Brabant and Zeeland
Approved Trainers for Forklift & Aerial Work Platform

Building talent

Training is our profession

Better for you, better for infrastructure & construction
Building on a better result

The training institute for training in construction!
We protect your world

Specialists in damage prevention

The IT trainer in the Netherlands

Platform that helps make knowledge development more sustainable
Specialist in onshore & offshore safety training

Your partner in the field of Occupational Health & Safety.
Internationally leading in the field of medical and safety technology
Largest provider of Agile training in Europe

Work on your development

Innovative and complete HR software
Institute for Safety Training in the Netherlands.
The number one in green automation
We build trust worldwide

Develops organizations and professionals in housing & real estate
The trainer in Online Marketing and Communication
Specialized in training within transport

The biggest thing we move is time
The largest trainer in the Netherlands
The gateway to the maritime technology sector.
Connect your processes, organization and systems.
From a short course to a full HBO and Masters course.
Internationally operating nuclear service provider
ICT course for both end users and IT Professionals.
The biggest name in VCA & SOG exams
Specialist in the field of safety examination.

The professional turnaround in your organisation

Safety training for the offshore, maritime and wind industry
Working safely at heights

The highest attainable certificate in fall protection
Your specialist in traffic organization
Get stronger with education, training or coaching.
The e-learning specialist for the government
Targeted training

SKG-IKOB educations

Time to stand out

Work on the future with SOMA business training
Professional, Reliable and Flexible
Your training is our concern

Leading European Security Company
Trigion creates safety

Make your reliability demonstrable
Let's you work more efficiently, more safely and more sustainably

Other partners

Specialist in the field of ISO certification
Always up to date with the latest training news