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The Nursing Protocol course deals with the 14 most common procedures in elderly and home care. The 14 interactive modules are set up according to the Vilans KICK protocols. These 14 modules are accredited by the Quality Register for Nurses & Carers (V&VN)! This means that every employee who has achieved an e-learning module will receive 1 or 2 points per module in the PE online register.

Nursing Protocol course content

Nursing Protocol course e-learning
 Important: This course is only available in Dutch
AimGuaranteeing the quality of care and the health of clients.
For whomExtremely suitable for level 3 caregivers and for MBO and HBO nurses who work in the care for the elderly and who want to reinforce their knowledge about the 17 most common actions in the acre for the elderly.
Course LevelMBO and HBO. There are 2 routes in the modules (caregivers or nurses)
Course durationApprox. 20 hours
Course content
  • 14 online modules
  • 14 online exams
  • Basismodule

Section: Medication

  • Medication general
  • Puncture blood sugar and inject insulin
  • Administer medication and oxygen via the respiratory tract
  • Administer medication: Eye ear and nose
  • Administer medication: orally, rectally, vaginally and through the skin
  • Injecting

Section: Excretion

  • Bladder catheterization in men and woman
  • Darmspoelen en hoogopgaand klysma
  • Taking care of a stomata

Section: tracheostomy and tracheo stoma

  • tracheostomy and tracheo stoma

Section: Nutrition and Moisture

  • Hypodermoclyosis

Section: Wound treatment

  • Wound treatment
ExamEach module ends with an online final test.
Certificate of participationAfter passing a theory exam, the student will have access to a certificate of participation in their profile. This is valid for 1 year. The intention is that the student has taken a practical test via their employer within this year.
Price €149,- excl. btw


Benefits of the Nursing Protocol course with PlusPort

Prepare yourself optimally for the situations which you will have to manage in your every day work by means of practice tests and test exams. When participating in the Nursing Protocol course you will have access to the specific sections which contain all the needed information and more . You can easily look up specific information that is covered in the course modules.