E-learning is the most effective method to quickly and adequately gain knowledge. The PlusPort LMS Academy has an extensive module for digital content and e-learning to access your own or purchased e-learning modules. The LMS Academy is fully compliant with the globally accepted SCORM standard. Connecting to e-learning modules in external systems through LTI is not a problem either. Of course, PlusPort can develop great e-learning modules for you as well. We have developed security modules for our educators and ourselves, as well as hundreds of custom e-learning modules for our clients every year, regardless of the subject.

  • Quickly and flexibly test knowledge with multiple choice tests and practical assignments in the PlusPort Academy
  • Share e-learning modules through the PlusPort Friends network
  • Innovate with Content2GO, videos and e-books
  • Let your employees digitally sign the required documentation

No barriers

PlusPort Academy software must of course be available to employees without any barriers. This is why we provide a Single Sign On solution, so that employees don’t have to sign in using separate credentials. Employees can access the academy on smartphones, tablets or PC. We make your employees into actively learning employees who continuously help to improve your organisation.

Develop e-learning yourself

Of course we can develop great custom e-learning modules, from basic to gamification, from introductory programs to safety trainings, and from product trainings to GDPR. But you can develop e-learning yourself as well. We packaged our knowledge and experience in a ‘Develop Content Yourself’ package. This is a standard package you can use in any LMS, so you can purchase this package without our academy as well.

The basic package consists of:

  • The worldwide best and largest e-learning publishing tool (SCORM)
  • Pre-programmed navigational structure
  • Templates and exercises in your own corporate style, pre-programmed by us
  • Two half-day training sessions

The follow-up package consists of:

  • Implementing new exercises
  • Creating test questions

You can get started with the professional development of e-learning content, with or without our help!

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