LMS in 4 steps

Step 1: Start your own LMS Academy

We start your Academy with:

  • Your corporate identity
  • The (compliance) history of employees via import, CSV or a link
  • Assigning the roles: staff member, external staff member, manager, HR manager, planner, supplier (and friends), trainer, etc.
  • Standard link to your HR application, website, Sharepoint, Single Sign-on or other systems that you would like to exchange data with
catalogus LMS

Step 2: Fill your catalogue

We ensure that the catalogue is filled with:

  • Classroom trainings from your own suppliers
  • Blended, classroom or e-learning trainings from our ‘friend’ suppliers that also utilize our Academy, so that the entire process from registration to certification is automated.
  • Training, e-learning or micro learning modules from PlusPort, if you wish to use them
  • Custom e-learning, VR, videos, PDFs or e-books from your organization
  • E-learning from other suppliers with an LTI link
  • Personal development plans
  • Link with EDU-DEX

The friends network:

Integrate the total range of courses or a part of our friends course range in the catalogue of your LMS academy. All processes are real-time and fully automated, so that every request and booking is the same in the relevant training institute’s academy. More about our friends

Also available:

  • Content2GO microlearnings. Library with titles consisting of 5 subjects of 5 minutes each. Topics range from behavior and safety to management.
  • VR 360: there will soon be 100 VR modules available for safety awareness. Thousands of trainings are available to ensure a well-filled catalogue!
  • All-you-can-learn for license to operate: do you want the complete e-learning selection including the micro learnings suitable for your industry? We are happy to fill your catalog.

Step 3: The focus is on the employee

Follow employees in teams and projects, see their progress, regardless of whether they are responsible for their own Learning & Development, or the organisation .

Offer employees the best tool to keep developing themselves:

  • Persoonlijk dashboard voor de medewerker en de manager
  • Catalog with training, e-learning, videos, e-books and much more
  • Extensive compliance and certification matrix
  • Fully automated workflows & notification database
  • Competence management
  • Talent & Performance Management module, including 360 degree feedback
  • Year plans, including personal and organisational budgets
  • Organize, learn and manage via your PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Detailed reports

PlusPort LMS Academy integrates seamlessly with many applications and external services. Click here for an overview

Step 4: We are here to help

Implementations are managed step by step through our project system. You also get access to this. An implementation takes between 2 and 3 months, depending on the information that you have available.

Every customer has to deal with the following roles before, during and after the implementation of your Academy:

  • The account manager
  • The senior consultant
  • The second consultant
  • Academy support team
  • Customer support

After implementation, your LMS Academy goes into production and management is transferred by us to the Superusers. But we will not let them go. They receive support from our customer support and academy support and where necessary also from our consultants.