The LMS Academy App

The PlusPort LMS Academy App

You’re mobile, and so is the Academy! Take the PlusPort app with you wherever you go: your information is readily available on your smartphone for iOS or Android.

Showing supporting documents in the app

All supporting documents, such as certificates, instructions and other documentation are perfectly organized in the PlusPort app. Important details regarding validity as well as certificate identification numbers are directly visible. With the PlusPort app, you won’t need a security badge or passport any more. All the relevant documentation and certification is up-to-date on your smart phone, even the PDFs of your certificates are accessible through the PlusPort app.

LMS Academy: responsive

In addition to the APP, the PlusPort LMS Academy is fully responsive for mobile, so in addition to the APP there is much more functionality available, such as the company home page and the catalogue for booking and searching.

Download for iOs or Android.