PlusPort works seamlessly with all your applications and external services.

SAML stands for Security Assertion Markup Language and is the standard for authentication and authorisation in web applications.

OAuth stands for Open Authorization and is an open standard for authentication and authorisation in web applications. PlusPort provides Single Sign On based on OAuth 2.0. Your users can use it to give the LMS access to data stored on another website or network, without having to provide their username and password. OAuth makes use of tokens with a certain validity, meaning that confidential data such as usernames or passwords don't need to be shared. OAuth also forms the basis for Facebook and Google Sign In.

EDU-DEX is the open data standard for educators in the Netherlands for the exchange of training information and planning. PlusPort has been an EDU-DEX Partner in this standard from the beginning, to provide a well-filled training catalogue. More than 1,115 educators offer over 50,000 trainings to our LMS through this standard.

SuperOffice CRM software works perfectly with PlusPort Academy. Receivables and leads from your PlusPort Academy and website sync with SuperOffice.

Exact Software and PlusPort Academy provide the correct invoices for your clients. PlusPort Academy invoices and receivables can be automatically sent to Exact on a daily basis. This way, your invoices are always delivered to your clients directly and on time, and your administration will always be up to date.

Outlook is the standard for agenda and e-mail applications by Microsoft and an integral part of Microsoft Office 365. Syncing activities in PlusPort Academy with the agenda. Dates, shifts, times and locations are directly recorded in the agenda.

Integrate all possible payment products in your PlusPort Academy with payment provider Mollie. Mollie enables the use of the following payment methods: iDeal, MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, American Express, Bancontact (the most used online payment method in Belgium), SEPA transfer, SEPA direct debit, SOFORT Banking, EPS (most used online payment method in Austria), Cartes Bancaires (most used online payment method in France), Giropay (most used online payment method in Germany), KBC/CBC (payment method of the largest consumer bank in Belgium), Belfius, ING HomePay, Bitcoin (most used cryptocurrency in the world), CartaSi (most used online payment method in Italy), gift cards and Paysafecard (accepted in 43 countries).

The members of the Governance Code ‘Construction Safety’ standardised the safety instructions for entering construction sites in the Netherlands with Generic Safety Instructions: GPI (Generieke Poortinstructie). Our LMS has full integration with these Generic Safety Instructions and thereby provides a seamless connection for clients in the Construction and Infrastructure sectors. Logging in, completing the GPI and registering the certificate: everything is done automatically for both your own employees as well as subcontractors, contractors and site visitors. It provides you full control over your compliance, including GPI certification, in your PlusPort Academy.

Web services based on SOAP / XML enable you to exchange user data safely and in real time with PlusPort Academy. With our extensive set of web services, PlusPort Academy fully integrates with your HRM system and other ERP applications for your user data. Standard web services have been developed for all common HRM applications such as SAP, Success Factors, Raet, ADP, AFAS, DBS, Perman, Persmaster, Unit4, Centric, HR2Day, Microsoft Dynamics and WorkDay.

Logging in to PlusPort using Google Sign In. Users then have access to PlusPort LMS using their Google account.

The on-premises directory and authentication service by Microsoft. PlusPort supports Single Sign On through Active Directory. Active Directory allows managers to manage policy (rights and configuration) in the network of your organisation, including the LMS.


LTI stands for Learning Tools Interoperability and connects the PlusPort LMS with other LMS and content management systems to grant access to e-learning content. LTI utilizes the Single Sign On connection to communicate variables like scores and progress back to PlusPort from the other LMS. This allows your users to make seamless use of external content providers.

PE stands for Permanent Education. For professionals in Healthcare, Financial Services and many other occupational groups, Permanent Education is necessary to obtain and uphold the competencies and skills necessary for a specific profession. Through the direct link between the PlusPort LMS and PE-Online, your employees have a complete and real-time overview of their educational progress.

Salesforce CRM software works seamlessly with PlusPort Academy. Sync receivables and leads from your PlusPort Academy and website to Salesforce.

Pluriform Software and PlusPort Academy work together to handle your invoicing and bookkeeping. All invoices and receivables can be sent from PlusPort Academy to Pluriform on a daily basis. That way, your bookkeeping is always up to date.

Google Agenda is an online agenda that can be used with a Google account. Scheduled learning activities in PlusPort Academy can be synced with Google Agenda and Gmail. Dates, shifts, times and locations are directly recorded in Google Agenda.

80% of the Belgian online payments are done through Bancontact. Bancontact is directly available in your PlusPort Academy to receive payments from Belgium.

GET develops, produces, installs and maintains solutions for access control, time management, visitor registration, personnel planning and security management. PlusPort and GET have extensive integration through which PlusPort Academy exchanges the achieved certification with GET, and vice versa. This creates an airtight access system where your employees and visitors receive safety instructions and their certification through the PlusPort Academy, and are awarded the correct access and authorisations by GET.

WordPress is the largest and most popular Content Management System for building and maintaining websites. PlusPort Academy has many standard plugins for WordPress that the website can use to directly show the contents of your catalogue and publish your planning. This allows you to make interactive agendas and Google Maps with your locations and trainings. Students can search for nearby training sessions and exam locations, and can then register with a single click. Discover the many possibilities PlusPort offers to make your website the best website in your sector.

Logging in to PlusPort with a Facebook social media account. Users will have access to PlusPort LMS through the Facebook Identity Provider.

Azure Active Directory is an integral part of Microsoft Office 365. PlusPort makes it possible to arrange SSO in the cloud with excellent security and management through your Active Directory. Your users can log in directly, or simply open PlusPort through Office 365 or the Azure AD access panel.

SCORM stands for Sharable Content Object Reference Model and is the global standard for e-learning interoperability. PlusPort is SCORM-compliant and offers support for 1.2 and 2004 packages.

Highrise CRM software and the PlusPort Academy work together for smooth integration of all receivables and leads from websites and the PlusPort Academy.

AFAS Software and PlusPort Academy connect for invoicing and bookkeeping. This connection also allows invoices and receivables to be synced from PlusPort Academy to AFAS Profit on a daily basis. In other words, all data will be up to date in AFAS as well.

Apple Calendar iCalendar is a personal agenda app for MacOS Desktop and iOS mobile devices. Planned learning activities in PlusPort Academy sync directly with Apple Calendar, so that dates, shifts, times and locations are immediately registered correctly.

One of the largest British payment providers for all your payments in Great Britain. With PlusPort Academy, everyone in England can pay you directly through their own Barclays Bank.

The largest international online payment system. PayPal is an intermediary for online and mobile payments for your PlusPort Academy and website. All you need is an e-mail address to pay using PayPal.

The largest online payment provider in the Netherlands is available in PlusPort LMS. All products you offer through your PlusPort catalogue and website can be paid with iDeal.

Credit card

All major credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa and American Express can be used in the PlusPort LMS for payment

HSElife provides harmonisation of measures for Health, Safety and Environment in the oil and gas industry through information and instructions for contractors. Through the PlusPort Academy, your employees and contractors have seamless access to HSElife, without having to log in. The instructions and acquired certificates are loaded directly into PlusPort Academy. This makes your entire compliance, including HSElife certification, transparent and immediately visible in your PlusPort Academy.

API stands for Application Programming Interface. An API allows two systems to communicate with each other. You can use the PlusPort API to integrate your PlusPort Academy with any other applications or processes in your IT landscape. Make use of the many API Endpoints to exchange data regarding users, catalogue and planning, performances and results and certification.

Google Analytics is an analysis tool provided by Google to collect statistics about visitors and the use of your websites and applications. PlusPort Academy can be equipped with Google Analytics to collect detailed information about the visitor flows, page views, average time per page and other data regarding the use of your Academy or website.