Friends network

Organisations who use the LMS Academy software from PlusPort for their own
employees can become friends with other organisations or training institutes and providers and:

  • Share their training portfolio and planning in their LMS Academy catalogue
  • Register for trainings and certification in each other’s academies

We actively promote our friend network in our presentation to prospect clients and customers in order to encourage them
to make use of the opportunity of connecting with our friends and open their training portfolio. And that’s not all. PlusPort
wants to actively link its friend training institutes and providers with the end customers. Together with our customer you
can determine your portfolio for the friend connection: the customer can integrate your training portfolio directly into their
academy catalogue and even in their annual planning. This creates the ultimate collaboration between your organisation
and the customer! It is cost-effective and gives you very high customer satisfaction!

  • All agreements and rules to be set by you and the customer
  • Your training portfolio is directly, 100%, integrated into the customer’s L&D policy
  • All courses can be booked directly from the customer academy
  • The entire training process between your organisation and the customer is automated in 3 steps
  • Results and certificates are fully automated and in real-time for the student and customer

Power your L&D strategy

Quick & easy implementation

Ready-to-go from day 1 – short implementation lead times

Content rich

Make or buy content, include content suppliers, friends training institutes, or EduDEX

Secure & reliable

Cloud services – topclass security & global SLA

Share & co-create

Use your sector power – make Academy friends and share catalogue and content

Scalable & modular

Deploy what you need when you need it – no limits

Future proof

Be ready for the future; leading release calendar or academy and e-learning content

Tailored sector functionality

Understanding your needs – we know your business
and build specific items for the sector

Learning services

Outsourcing of your operational L&D work in different packages. We take care of your academy.

Open & integrated

Be open – unlimited integrations to connect via webservices & API’s

User centric

Adapt to your customers – functionalities for optimal role performance