LMS for training institutes

Training administration, e-learning, friends network, website & registrations

Would you, like to serve as many students as possible without all of the administrative hassle?

Let our LMS Academy help you to increase the efficiency of your training organisation and administration. With the extensive planning and reporting features, you will always be firmly in control of your work processes.


The PlusPort LMS Academy software not only offers you, as an educator, modern and user-friendly course administration with a training catalogue, but also contains reports, notifications, a certificate generator, access to e-learning and much more.

PlusPort LMS Academy not only integrates seamlessly with a registration module online, but also with billing or other back office systems.

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Training administration

Make your ambitions as a trainer come true and give your customers and users freedom and flexibility! Offer your customers 24/7 service and access in your own training portal with the LMS Academy software from PlusPort. Have all the training options and schedules that you have to offer as a training provider,all in one place, available and easily accessible. You can easily manage this at the same time as your own training process. With a complete workflow for everything from your catalogue management and subscriptions to the registrations, the LMS software is the only solution you need. Our Academy LMS software is the base of your training organisation, including issuing and monitoring diplomas as well as tracking the the learning progress of your students. Your new system will include a modern web-based training portal (SAAS) in your company style with fully automated training administration and workflow, including your own company homepage and additional options such as web services with billing packages and many more customizations.

Self service portals

Guide your clients through the Academy when need be, while giving them free reign on how to register their candidates on your projects. You get control over the customer portal (in the customer’s company style), which is linked to your academy schedule. The only thing your customer has to do is the booking, everything else is automated. The digital certificate will automatically be added in the candidate’s profile. Less work for you, added value for your customers!

E-learning & Assessments

Digital learning plays an increasingly important role for your customers. With the PlusPort LMS Academy software you can easily combine digital components with your classroom trainings. As a training provider you can offer your customers complete digital learning formats: E-learning, classroom or blended learning: you create the optimal composition.

Create your own content with our special package. Whether you want to develop your own content, become a distributor of our e-learning modules or Content2GO microlearnings, or whether you prefer to purchase content from third parties- it is all possible in the academy e-learning module. Offer your clients a rich platform; enrich your training portfolio. Create your own tests, place content in any format or build up libraries with video materials.

Website & registration

Your website you the showcase as a training provider and thus determines your commercial success. Our LMS Academy presents your training portfolio in real-time including details such as training information, schedules and other information that will be automatically published on your website.

Connect the LMS Academy software as a back-end application to your existing website (s) or design a new website with us.  You can use both our smart registration & payment module or our registration forms. Your employees will be able to handle many registrations efficiently from various websites, while being almost completely automated. We offer seamless processing of transactions including payments via iDeal, credit card and PayPal. And of course, all technical arrangements are optimally made so that you will be easily found in Google.

Friends network

Organisations who use the LMS Academy software from PlusPort for their own employees can become friends with other organisations or training institutes and providers and:

We actively promote our friend network in our presentation to prospect clients and customers in order to encourage them to make use of the opportunity of connecting with our friends and open their training portfolios. And that’s not all. PlusPort wants to actively link its friend training institutes and providers with the end customers. Together with our customer you can determine your portfolio for the friend connection: the customer can integrate your training portfolio directly into their academy catalogue and even in their annual planning. This creates the ultimate collaboration between your organisation and the customer! It is cost-effective and gives you very high customer satisfaction!

For backoffice and management

  • Easy management of your catalogue
  • Extensive course administration packages
  • Placing of e-learning modules, tests and other content in your academy
  • Fully automated processes
  • Extensive communication possibilities with candidates, contacts, locations, trainers and much more
  • Extensive issuing and monitoring of certificates, diplomas and other compliance documents
  • Registration module with payment options on your website

For your customers

  • Are your customers using the PlusPort Academy? Then the integration and registration for your trainings is directly available, in real-time, to the customer
  • Do you have a client without an Academy? Offer them a self service portal so that they can directly access your training portfolio in real-time, allowing their candidates to register straight away. The rest is automated for you and your client
  • Extensive reporting options that can be generated by your customers
  • Notifications for re-enrollment on training courses

For students

  • Serves all target groups: professionals, employees of customers and individuals
  • Organise exams and tests online and in class
  • Coaching, career instruments and assessments
  • Organize classroom trainings, e-learnings and learning sequences and/ or combine them to be able to create incompany and tailor made open schedule rooms
  • Issuing and monitoring of certificates, diplomas and other compliance documents
  • App for iOS and Android for compliance

For trainers

  • Complete overview of schedules
  • Easy and fast digital processing of attendance and results
  • Uploading of signed attendance lists

Smart website

Is your website a smart website?

With more than 1,000,000 active users in more than 400 academies, PlusPort has proven that internet and education go hand in hand. With the right smart website, you will see that online registrations increase and that candidates sign up for open and custom trainings with real-time planning, with fully automated administration and payment processes. This is done through the combination of the PlusPort LMS Academy software, a special registration module with a dashboard and a smart website.

Call us, and we would be happy to schedule an appointment for a demonstration: +31 (0) 70-3229090

Want to become a distributor of our e-learning or microlearnings selection?

Do you want to expand your existing training offer? This is possible with our white label e-learning modules. Many trainers work with our e-learning modules aimed at license to operate: safety training or Content2GO micro learning. You can combine these modules with your own classroom sessions. The modules comply with the latest legislation and regulations.

Contact our sales department: +31 (0) 70 – 322 9090 or send an e-mail to sales@plusport.com


PlusPort is a member of the NRTO​

Since 2017, PlusPort has the NRTO quality label. We received this label for the high quality standards maintained for our products and the professionalism of our service provision.

The NRTO quality label is awarded by the Dutch Council for Training and Education (NRTO; Nederlandse Raad voor Training en Opleiding). The NRTO is the sector association for private educators.