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The PlusPort Academy offers a great number of LMS functionalities for the entire L&D landscape of your organization and employees. Make things easy with our Academy software; use and share offers with others in your branch or with educators through the unique friend relation feature. Give employees control over their development by creating a catalogue where they can easily manage their own learning, whether or not with a personal budget. And of course, applications can be approved or rejected. Make use of the automated notifications to automate your training process. Control the registrations, requests, compliance, year plans and certifications of your employees through a large set of user-friendly reports and project teams. Our useful export functionalities allow the reports to be easily imported into any other applications you might be using.

See how automated links with HR systems can help you match your workforce in the academy, so you have to put in as little work as possible into your Learning & Development Academy.

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Learning & Administration

Offer learning experiences in any form to your employees, your customers and your contractors. Manage your end-to-end learning process efficiently with just a few clicks. Fully integrated with your enterprise applications and supportive to your business, the PlusPort LMS Academy offers a fully packed learning and exam administration tool.

Compliance & Formalisation

Learning without formalisation is useless: you need data to steer your business. Therefore compliance is at the heart of PlusPort LMS Academy. Learning leads to evidence-based certification and licencing to comply with audits in your sector. Compliance dashboards and notifications on non-compliance are available to all your key officers. Never out of tune with your industry regulations: certify with us!

Performance & Talent

Developing people to meet demands of tomorrow means 2 things: assess performance and stimulate talent. Both dimensions are natively integrated in PlusPort LMS Academy. Whatever competence or skill model you operate, use it to set and reach goals. Facilitate managers to appraise and motivate employees on job, project and individual career dimensions. Use our smart reports to keep track on quality and progress of your global process.

Knowledge and Experience

Being compliant and competent is not enough: experience and knowledge add the winning factor to your people. The best practices and lessons learned are the most valuable to share in your organisation. Make use of objective reports rooted in the quality of results. Put it all to work with PlusPort LMS Academy experience & knowledge modules. Outperform on true organisational learning!

Healthcare for the adolescent and elderly

We have many great clients in this sector that have little involvement with compliance. Instead they primarily work with the proficiency and competency of employees, who can carry out certain activities once they have achieved them. This is automatically recorded in the personnel file through PE-Online, for which a standard connection has been made.

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