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The PlusPort Academy offers a great number of LMS functionalities for the entire L&D landscape of your employees. Make things easy on your organisation with our Academy software; use and share offers with others in your branch or with educators through the unique friend relation feature. Give employees control over their development by creating a public catalogue, where the supervisor can simply reject or approve training requests. Make use of the automated notifications to automate your training processes. Control registrations, requests, compliance, year plans and certifications through a large set of user-friendly reports and project teams. Our useful export functionalities allow the reports to be easily imported into any other applications you might be using.


The Academy fits seamlessly with other applications within your organisation. To provide a complete overview of what is happening in the organisation, data must be integrated from multiple sources. Using the Academy web services and APIs, you can easily collect data to integrate it into your other systems and dashboards. Keep the personnel file up-to-date with automated connections between your Academy and HR software (SAP, ADP, AFAS, HR2Day, Beaufort, Care4 and many more).


Learning can be done in a classroom, through e-learning or blended trainings; but learning goes much further than that. Employees can find and reserve trainings, and thereby immediately gain access to training content from the catalogue in the form of e-learnings, micro-learnings, Content2GO, e-books, videos, clips from projects and PDFs. Employees can effortlessly search and book trainings by utilizing the available search filters. The personal dashboard can then be used by the employee to easily store favourites, and provides a complete overview with all relevant information.


Do you have a competency-oriented L&D strategy? Let us support your vision. Map the knowledge & skills throughout your organization using the function structures integrated into your Academy. Start looking for the most suitable employees for a team or project by defining and organizing the knowledge and skills within your organization.

For a more extensive overview, you can also register work & project experience and best practices, so that you can let your employees share their expertise in an approachable manner. Generate CVs directly, with all certifications, knowledge, skills and experiences.

  • Link competence learning pathways to the employee, the function or the project organisation, and display it all via a competence matrix
  • Involve the competencies in your performance management cycle
  • Look internally for the best match for your job openings or project with a combination of trainings, competencies and work experience
  • Link competencies to your training offer as search keys
  • Create an expertise database that your employees can use to find the most suitable candidates for a position of function.


The right people in the right positions give your organisation extra strength. Start looking for the perfect match. Inspire employees to take the next step through GAP analyses between the current and desired competencies. Link KPIs to positions and integrate them in your assessment cycle in the PM module. Stimulate development with Personal Development Plans and integrate future trainings and competences directly into the personal plans or year plans. Gain insight into the strengths and areas of improvement of your employees through detailed reports.

  • View the knowledge, skills and experiences you have obtained for functions, teams and projects
  • Integrate function profiles with your assessment cycle
  • Stimulate employees to think about developing themselves through personal development plans
  • Research needs; let teams indicate what trainings they need in their annual planning
  • Automate forms for personalized development processes, study plans or coaching


Learning without formalisation is aimless; you need data to guide your organisation. This is why the  PlusPort LMS Academy emphasizes compliance: for functions, in teams, in projects, for audits, for actions, and many more. The PlusPort Academy notifies several involved parties, like management, supervisors, project managers and employees, when action is needed for compliance. Stay in control of your compliance through the clear and adjustable dashboards, matrices and reports, and make your employees and your organisation audit-proof!

Healthcare for the adolescent and elderly

We have many great clients in this sector that have little involvement with compliance. Instead they primarily work with the proficiency and competency of employees, who can carry out certain activities once they have achieved them. This is automatically recorded in the personnel file through PE-Online, for which a standard connection has been made.

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