Haag wonen

Haag Wonen

Haag Wonen is one of the three larger housing associations in The Hague. About 1 in 10 people in The Hgaue live in a house from Haag Wonen. Haag Wonen wants its tenants to rent a home that suits their personal situation: matching their income, house hold composition, their physical and social needs. Both now and in the future.

Unfortunately Haag Wonen sometimes has to deal with resistance and aggression from tenants. That is why Haag Woen pays a lot of attention to dealing with emotions and aggression in their business. The employees follow an e-learning course, as well as a classroom session. In collaboration with Haag Wonen, we have looked into the possibilities of using VR as an additional exercise tool during training. The more realistic the training environment, the more effective the learning outcome. Having an angry customer in front of you in a 360-degree environment ensures more impact. VR offers an exttra dimension when it comes to experiencing practical situations. In VR, you experience the practical examples with more intensity, closer to reality.

The VR training consists of three cases with video clips in 360 degrees, where you experience resistance and / or aggression from a tenant. As an employee, you also see the effect of a choice made.

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