VR training

You do not only learn by accumulating theoretical knowledge, this is also achieved by applying knowledge and especially by experiencing it. Since the emergence of VR, much attention has been paid to the application of VR in the training field, as it can provide a unique user experience.

VR is often used as a general term. You can roughly distinguish between 3D-drawn environments (such as in games), 360-degree recordings (with videos or photos) and Augmented Reality (posting virtual information about reality). We are currently focusing primarily on applying 360-degree material, as it is the most accessible.

The developments are rapid,  but at the same time the application of VR also raises questions. What can you actually do with VR? What does it take to develop VR? How can VR be applied in trainings? To gain experience with VR, we have developed a number of VR training modules in collaboration with our customers, including one for Aviko and one for Haag Wonen.

Applying VR

The VR content that we develop can be viewed on all devices: not only on professional VR headsets such as an Oculus Rift, but also on your smartphone (with and without attatchment), tablet, desktop and laptop. Of course a VR headset offers the best viewing experience.

VR is an interesting and innovative form of learning to, for example, draw attention to a message of to train more effectively. You could also use VR for safety training (discover and experience the dangers in a room), for onboarding new employees or for showing and practicing work instructions. For us, teh next step is discovering the possibilities of Augmented Reality, placing virtual information about reality.

Applying VR therefore offers many possibilities and the necessary challenges, and the technology is in full development. VR can provide a unique user experience, but you must also be aware of the requirements, both hardware and software. We believe that VR is less suitable for extensive substantive training. So think about what you want to apply VR for and make sure it has added value.

Our VR projects