SCORM Compliant

The first area where you will encounter our e-learning innovation is in our use of the SCORM standard. SCORM is THE standard for companies that develop e-learnings. SCORM is the most recognized standard worldwide that consists of standards and specifications in the field of online learning. All e-learning modules that have been developed and published according to this standard have a number of standard features, which means that progress reports can be made in our LMS Academy software and on all LMS systems that comply with this standard. Another advantage is that it also keeps track of the user’s activity. This does not only apply to digital training, but also to tests and exercises.

All e-learning tailor-made training courses,  game trainings and all standard safety training courses developed by PlusPort are subject to the SCORM Compliant standard.

PC and Tablet

All e-learning courses are developed in HTML5 and not in flash. As a result, employees can use either a PC or a tablet on any browser. In the training you can navigate by mouse, but also via touch and swipe. This is extensively tested by us in advance.

The LMS Academy from PlusPort is the software for publishing and managing customized e-learning courses. The LMS Academy software is, of course, entirely suitable for every tablet, PC and browser.

Optimal design posibilities

The PlusPort media team develops all training courses in-house: no outsourcing to countries such as India or China or external students.

We have access to the latest design software, libraries and materials. In this way we are able to use the latest technical, organizational and design possibilities in the field of web design for our training development.

We use Lectora, Captivate, Photoshop and many other global tools to develop customized e-learning training courses and our own safety training courses. The coding  languages ​​in which PlusPort develops training courses are HTML and CSS, ActionScript 2 and 3, Javascript and PHP.

Self-Develop Content Package

Speed ​​is required within organizations to disseminate information about, for example, new products, guidelines or procedures. Due to time or location, it is often not possible to reach everyone in a short period. In this case, e-learning can be a good alternative.

PlusPort itself develops many e-learning safety training courses for its direct websites. So we have access to an extensive library with its own components, including exercises, navigation buttons and structure, menus, so that you immediately have a basis for developing your own e-learning.

Organizations that order the Self-Develop Content Package do not only receive one of the best e-learning development tools, but also a library of the above mentioned components that are immediately made to be used by you to develop simple professional content: a complete package, programmed to be user-friendly and formatted in your corporate identity, with the exercises of your choice. We immediately train you and your colleagues in the use of the package.

This in-demand package is only available for our LMS academy customers.

Videos and Animations

In some cases, video and animations can offer a solution to effectively transfer certain information to the student. Our specialists have extensive experience in guiding and producing professional videos, animations and drawings. Because everything is prepared in our team with the video company, clients have no worries. PlusPort employees further develop all interactive videos, animations and drawings without further outsourcing. All developed materials that are paid for by the client are of course from the client, including all source files.

E-learning publication and organization

In the LMS Academy there is an extensive section for publishing and organizing e customized or standard e-learning modules. The entire LMS academy software does not have to be purchased for this, only the e-learning, testing, certificate management and reports parts. For very limited costs, organizations are operational in a few days and the e-learning modules can be rolled out to all employees, while the organization immediately has a tool for monitoring the progress and completion.

The LMS Academy software from PlusPort is one of the most comprehensive HR and HSE systems in the Netherlands.