E-learning development

Developing an e-leraning training is always a collaboration process. PlusPort transforms the content knowledge of the customer into an interesting, interactive and innovative learning concept.

The role of the client:

  • Supplying the source of information of the appointment with the correct content expert who supplies the needed content.
  • Appointing a decision maker who can approve the various sub-products such as the design and the final script (content) of the module.

The role of PlusPort:

  • Supporting the development of the didactic concept.
  • Developing the structure and texts.
  • Developing the e-learning modules.

Functional design of the e-learning

Based on the structure and the concept, we develop a Functional Design. In this document you can find the structure, as well as the visual concept (the templates) of the online training. The Functional Design document is approved by the client and/ or adjusted. After approval, the step to realization is made and a schedule is agreed upon. The entire project is visible to the contacts in an online project tool during development, which means that work can be done in the most effective and efficient manner. Where applicable, you will receive an e-mail from this system with a question or task. You can check this task and add files yourself. This reduces mail and call traffic.


After approval of the Functional Design and the associated costs, the development process of the e-modules begins. We have classified this into the following phases:

We collect all the source material and make the mind map (structure) of the training and associated modules.

We make a basic script of the content, a definitive design based on the content of the Functional Design document and a prototype with a number of frames. We test this prototype in the system in which the training is to be delivered. This can be our Academy or an extrenal system. The development of the modules is continued after the prototype is approved by the client.

We are going to further develop the script and make it final. We always send this script for approval before we start building. Have we made a final script together? Then we will start building the training! All the visual material, any illustrations, videos and animations are also created in this phase.

We send the script together with the built module for a feedback round. After processing this feedback, we can finalize the definitive e-learning training modules.

We want all of our trainings to be completed according to our client’s wishes. If desired, you will receive all source files and a publication at the same time.
Our e-learning courses are SCORM compatible. Through SCORM you can keep track of the progress in the training, which makes it possible to stop in between and continue later.

The PlusPort LMS Academy is the ideal system to use SCORM published training. Even so, it is also possible to implement an e-learning training in your own LMS system. Our team can provide you with the correct source files and SCORM publication for this.