Custom E-learning

Customized e-learning for your organization

At or outside the workplace, e-learning is the method for acquiring knowledge quickly and adequately. The PlusPort LMS Academy has an extensive module for digital content and e-learning to open up your own or purchased e-learning modules. The LMS Academy is fully compliant with the globally accepted SCORM standard. Retrieving e-learning modules from external systems via LTI (linking) is also no problem.

We develop safety modules for our trainers and ourselves, but also hundreds of custom e-learning modules for our customers every year, regardless of the subject. PlusPort can of course also develop beautiful e-learning modules, games, VR, interactive video or simulations for you.

maatwerk e-learning

The development of an e-learning training is always a collaboration process. The content knowledge often lies with the customer, PlusPort translates this knowledge into an interesting learning concept.

The role of the client is:

  • Supply of source information or the appointment of the right content expert who supplies information.
  • Designate a decision-maker who can approve the various sub-products such as the design and the final scripts (content) of the module.

The role of PlusPort is:

  • Supporting the development of the didactic concept
  • Develop the structure and texts
  • Developing the e-learning modules, games, VR, interactive video or simulations

Functional design of the e-learning

Based on the structure and the concept, we develop a Functional Design for you. In this document you can not only find the structure, but also the visual concept (the templates) of the online training. This Functional Design document is approved by the client or has adjustments. After approval, the step to realization is made and a schedule is agreed. The entire project is visible to the contacts in an online project tool during development, which means that work can be done efficiently, in as little time as possible.. Where applicable, you will receive an e-mail from this system with a question or task. You can check this task and/or add files yourself. This reduces email and call traffic.


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