What is e-learning?

E-learning is an effective and cost-saving online learning method. Students develop their competences through  trainings, manuals, tests and assessments via the computer. Instead of a teacher, interactive tasks, videos and game elements ensure the transfer of knowledge and skills. E-learning is now being used on a large scale by many organizations to focus on the knowledge development of their employees. Companies often think that operational employees do not want to learn online; however, this is not the case. In recent years we have proven that operational employees are independent; they can and want to learn for themselves.

PlusPort has many years of experience with e-learning development. In addition to our standard safety training courses, we have now helped dozens of developed organizations to digitize their training portfolio, both within The Netherlands and abroad. We focus in particular on organizations with a safety aspect or organizations that want to introduce a new application. Even so, we are also your partner in the development of product training or initiation programs for new employees. In addition, we already have multiple training cases that we have developed for custom themes such as:  code of conduct training, product training, application training, gate control training and many more.



Plusport is affiliated with the NRTO. The NRTO is the umbrella trade association for all private training and education agencies in the Netherlands; it has an important role in putting private education on the agenda in the country.