Course Content

Every Sustainable GWW Approach course consists of 2 parts; an online theory part and a half-day workshop.

Online theory

Our e-learning configuration allows you to learn online, in an interesting and interactive way, whenever and wherever suits you best. The theory takes 7 hours to complete, on average, concluding with an online theory exam. If you have passed this online theory exam you will get access to a digital proof of participation. This proof is necessary for admission to the workshop.


After you have successfully completed the online theory exam, you have to attend the Sustainable GWW Approach Workshop. This workshop is provided by BOB Education, Training and Advice in close collaboration with ARCADIS, which specializes in this course. The workshop lasts 3 hours. During this workshop you will put the learned theory into practice in collaboration with other participants, over topics such as your own practical situations and bottlenecks.

Pre-workshop preparation

A few days before the workshop, the student receives a homework case via BOB Education, Training and Advice. The student must study this homework case before the workshop.

Sustainable GWW Approach Basic | € 575,-Sustainable GWW Approach Expert
AimCentral to the Sustainable GWW Approach are processes, application of the instruments and, last but not least, cooperation between clients, contractors and stakeholders.
For whom?For employees of market parties and government organizations who work in different roles in the civil engineering sector and who must be able to apply the Sustainable Civil Engineering Approach in practice.
Course LevelMBO
Course durationApprox. 7 hours & half day workshopApprox. 4 hours & half day workshop
Course contentThe online course consists of:

  • 4 online modules
  • Online theory exam
  • Proof of participation after successful completion of the theory exam
  • Homework case in preparation for the workshop
  • Workshop
The online course consists of:

  • Online theory in preparation for the practical day
  • Certificate of participation
  • Practical day
  • Practical materials
  • Certificate and pass
  • Background
  • Process and methodology
  • Instruments
  • Case
  • Background
  • Process and methodology
  • Instruments
Reference workThe reference work can be printed before the completion of the theory exam.N.A.
Theory examTwo attempts for the theory exam.N.A.
Certificate of participationAfter the student has passed the theory exam, the student will have access to the proof of participation. This is required for the practical session.N.A.
 Workshop program
  • Questions regarding the e-learning training package
  • Performing a practical simulation with other simulation with other participants to arrive at a joint Ambitieweb
  • Conclusions % practical tips
CertificateEvery student who has passed the theory exam and the workshop will receive a certificate in their profile. This certificate is valid for an indefinite period.
Certificate RegistrationThe certificate is registered in the PlusPort Academy, so that the student receives a call for renewal in time.


Advantages of the Sustainable GWW Approach course with PlusPort

Prepare optimally for the theory exam by using the provided materials and reference work. With the digital handbook you can search for specific information quickly and easily.