Sustainable GWW Approach

The ambition of the central government is to achieve 100% sustainably. In the Green Deal for GWW (Rail, Ground, Water and Road construction sector) this ambition is supported by parties in the GWW. Clients, contractors and knowledge institutes have jointly developed the Sustainable GWW Approach; this makes it possible to get a better connection with functional procurement and to bring more ambition to sustainability.

With the Sustainable GWW Approach course, candidates learn to apply the Sustainable GWW Approach and what is expected of them.

Get your Sustainable GWW Approach certificate with ease!

PlusPort offers you several options to cost-effectively and easily train you or your employees in the field of Approach Sustainable Civil Engineering. The Sustainable GWW Approach course consists of two parts: an online theory part and a practical workshop part. After completing the course, every successful student will receive the Sustainable GWW Approval certificate. Proof that you have the knowledge to apply the Sustainable GWW Approach.

Sustainable GWW Approach course

With a Approach Sustainable GWW course at Aanpakduurzaamgwwdirect you can obtain your certificate quickly, easily and reliably. You go through the theory at home or at your workplace via the internet. After you have completed the theory, you will be well prepared for the Sustainable GWW Approach workshop. The Sustainable GWW Approach course is available on the basis of Open Enrollment or In-Company. The online theory is the same for both courses, while the workshop takes place at locations from our calendar or – on request – at your own location (in-company) with or without adapted content.

Why take the Sustainable GWW Approach course via e-learning? E-learning offers substantial cost reductions

You can save a lot by choosing the Approach Sustainable GWW course from With the combination e-learning + workshop you can reduce the lost hours to 3 hours. The employee can follow e-learning in his own time.

Example calculation:
You want 10 employees to take the Sustainable Civil Engineering Approach course:

1 day classroom course:
Leave hours: 10 people x 8 hours = 80 hours
Leave costs: 80 hours x € 25 (average hourly rate) = € 2,000

E-learning + half-day workshop:
Leave hours: 10 people x 3 hours = 30 hours
Leave costs: 30 hours x € 25 (average hourly rate) = € 750

You can save as much as € 1,250 in this calculation example if you opted for our e-learning variant.