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The Social Hygiene course has been developed for those who work or have to deal with guests who are served alcohol. These are mostly bars, restaurants, brasseries and hotels. In addition, to topics such as alcohol consumption, attention is also paid tp drug use and gambling addictions. The training also focuses on how to deal with such use or addiction and how to best respond to consumers and their behaviour.

Social Hygiene Course Content

Social Hygiene CourseSocial Hygiene Course including exam
AimHow to act towards the guests and how to deal with the guests’s behavior. The Social Hygiene course meets the final objectives for the SVH exam.
For whom? For every manager or owner of a catering establishment that serves alcoholic beverages as well as for the people mentioned on the bevarage and catering license.
Course packageOnline training.Online training including the coupon for the SVH exam.
Course levelfrom MBO
Course duration Approx. 3 hours
Online theoryWith this training you will learn everything you need to know about the behavioour of guests in catering establishments, whether or not with the use of alcohol or drugs or a gambling addiction and how you can respond to this.
The training consists of:

  • 6 modules including practice tests per module
  • Reference work
  • Test exam
ModulesThe online training consists of the following modules:

  1. Hospitality and liquor store
  2. Social skills
  3. Social Hygiene
  4. Alcohol, Drugs & Tobacco
  5. Gambling
  6. Installation requirements and provisions
Reference workThe student has access to the digital reference work during the online course.
Test examThe student has two attempts to complete the test exam.
Practice testsThe practice tests can be practiced indefinitely.
Proof of participationEvery student who has passed the online test exam will receive a proof of participation in their profile.
This proof is not a certificate.
SVH Exam The student must book the exam themselves at the SVH.Every student receives a coupon code for the official Social Hygiene exam. The exam takes place at an SVH location. The student redeems the coupon code via
Important: the coupon code provided is valid for a maximum of 12 months.
SVH diploma If you pass the SVH exam, you will receive the SVH diploma. Diplomas are registered in the SVH register.
Price €69,- excl BTW€172,- excl BTW


Benefits of the Social Hygiene course at PlusPort

Prepare optimally for the written exam by means of practice tests and test exams. When participating in the Social Hygiene course you have access to the digital handbook that serves as a reference work. With the digital handbook you can search for specific information quickly and easily.

Social Hygiene certificate

You will receive the diploma from the SVH after you have successfully completed the exam. The diploma is valid for an indefinite period.