Risk management

Risk management is a technique that can be applied in many different types of projects. As soon as a project is started, this naturally offers opportunities. In practice, this often also involves risk factors. By controlling the risks present, the project objective can be achieved in a safe manner.

The Risk Management course emphasizes the steps that are performed within a risk analysis and the resources and techniques that can be used for this.

Who is the Risk Management course for?

A Risk Management course is, in principle, available for everyone. As an employer you find it important that you do everything possible to prevent risks or to limit their consequences . As an employee, you want to be aware of the risks that may occur and the consequences thereof, thus wanting to improve your chances on the labor market by obtaining the Risk Management certificate.

With the Risk Management course, which is based on the RISMAN method, you learn the techniques for charting risks. By identifying, analyzing and quantifying risks, you can take the appropriate control measures to reduce the consequences of incidents or even eliminate causes.