Data Security and Privacy Awareness

The new GDPR / AVG legislation entered into force on 25 May 2018. The purpose of the GDPR / AVG is to protect individuals and create clear guidelines for organizations that process personal data. The GDPR guarantees that personal data is processed carefully, is not misused and is not kept longer than necessary. This legislation means that the Dutch Data Protection Authority will enforce stricter supervision of the AVG and will actually issue severe penalties. In addition to the AVG, the safe handling of information by employees and the timely reporting of potential data breaches to the Authority are inextricably linked. Training employees within an organization with regard to behaviour and awareness to prevent a data breach and therefore also to comply with the AVG guideline is now possible with three e-learning modules:

  • Module 1: handling information securely
  • Module 2: the AVG at a glance
  • Module 3: the data breach reporting obligation

Module 1 and 2 for employees and supplementary module 3 for managers. The modules can also be purchased as a package option.