Calculations in healthcare

Calculations in Healthcare explains the arithmetic skills that health care workers have to or will experience in daily practice. The course has been developed at the request of the healthcare sector in response to the fact that the dosage of medication is regularly incorrectly calculated, whivh can lead to serious consequences. The content of the course has been developed in close collaboration with experts from the healthcare sector.

For whom?

There are three different course types of Calculations in Healthcare, that focus on different types of care providers. The student has a choice of Calculation in Healthcare for

  • Nurses
  • Caretakers in Individual Healthcare (VIG)
  • Helping plus

Calculations in Healthcare certification via PlusPort

PlusPort allows you to take the Calculations in Healthcare course online.  Almost immediately after your registration on the website you will receive the login codes, which will allow you to  access the online course that consists of various interactive modules. The theoretical knowledge that you gain with the course fits in seamlessly with the online exam that is included in the course package. With PlusPort you can get your Calculations in Healthcare certificate easily and affordably.

Calculations in Healthcare certificate

Upon the positive completion of the course you will receive the Calculation in Healthcare certificate. This certificate is valid for three years. With this certificate you demonstrate that you are adequate in calculating the correct dosage of medication that has been prescribed for the patient. PlusPort has made an online course package available so that you can prepare optimally. The course is concluded with an online exam, after which you will receive the certificate by post.