Attention in Care

The Attention in Care e-learning module focuses on the importance of attention during the care of light to heavily passive clients. Paying attention sounds like an obvious requirement, but in our busy practice this is often quite difficult.

You are guided through this e-learning module on the basis of three cases:

  1. Mrs. Kersenberg: 73 years old. Mrs. Kersenberg has metastases in the brain due to breast cancer. She sometimes responds slower and has a difficulty with taking the initiative herself. She receives palliative care at home.
  2. Piotr van Dijk: 32 years old.  Mr. Piotr had a car accident at the age of 29. As a result of the accident, he has Non-Congenital Brain Injury (NAH) and is paralyzed half-sided. He has aphasia so he cannot find the right words and cannot make sentences.
  3. Mrs. De Groot: 80 years old. Mrs. De Groot has Alzheimer’s. Her children alternated care, but in the end this was difficult to maintain as Mrs De Groot needed 24 hours of care. She has been admitted to the nursing home.

Topics that are covered include:

• Working in a multidisciplinary team
• Approach to and contact with the client
• The use of the passive hoist
• Dealing with deviant or aggressive behavior
• The haptonomic approach
• Caring washing
• Dealing with dementia

Attention in Care course content

Attention in Care
Course AimAfter completing the e-learning module you will have various tools to be able to give more or different attention during your daily work practice in care.
For whom?Everyone working in a care position
Course packageOnline training.
Course levelfrom MBO.
Course durationApprox. 1 hour
ModulesThe online module contains 3 cases
Price per participant€ 99,- excl. BTW