Course Content

The course package consists of an online Emergency Response (BHV) in Healthcare course, provided with online practice tests and an online exam. With the online course and practice tests you will be optimally prepared for the online exam. After completing the online exam you will gain access to the proof of participation. Please note, this proof is not a certificate. To get the certificate, you must participate in the Emergency Response (BHV) practical workshop and assessment.

Emergency Response (BHV) in Healthcare Course content

Emergency Response (BHV) in Healthcare Basic e-learning only
Course aimTo gain knowledge about everything the student needs to know about being able to provide first aid and how to act in the event of a fire and evacuation. With the Fire Fighting and Evacuation module you have the choice of 4 work areas; Disabilities, Children, Elderly and Psychiatry patients.
For whom?For employees in the Healthcare sector who want to take the lead in the event of disasters on the work floor and who do not have a valid Emergency Response (BHV) in the Healthcare certificate.
Course packageApprox. 3 hours online learning
Course levelMBO.
Course preparationNo preparation is required for this course. You can start learning immediately.
Online theoryWith the online training, the student learns everything they need to know about in house emergency care. This training consists of:

  • 6 online modules including a practice test per module
  • Refernce work
  • Online theorie- exam : the LEH partial exam, and the Fire partial exam (compulsory)
  • Certificate of participation
ModulesThe Emergency Response (BHV) in Healthcare online-training consists of:

  • Start
  • The general assistance rules
  • Non-Emergency First Aid
  • Emergency First Aid
  • Fire fighting and evacuation, together with an option according to your work area: Disabilities, Children, Elderly or Psychiatric patients.
  • Emergency Response (BHV) in practice
Online reference workDuring the course, the student has access to the provided refernce work.
Online practice testsThe practice tests are a way to test the student’s knowledge. The student receives feedback on their given answers and is able to practice using these tests indefinetely.
Online Theory-exam2 partial exams: the LEH partial exam and the Fire partial exam. Each of the partial exams can be completed in two attempts.
Certificate of participation

Aftre the student has passed both of the oline partial exams, the student will have access to the proof of participation.

This proof of participation is not a certificate. To get the certificate, the student takes part in the practical workshop and assessment through the employer. This proof is also the ticket for the possible Incompany practice days.



Emergency Response (BHV) in Healthcare course with PlusPort

Prepare optimally for the online theory exam by means of practice tests and test exams. When participating in the Emergency Response (BHV) in Healthcare course you have access to the provided online reference work. With the digital handbook you can search for specific information quickly and easily.