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Learning Management

No. 1 LMS for learning, organizing, certifying, assessing and sharing knowledge. 300+ companies and training institutes and 1 million professionals develop daily within the PlusPort LMS Academy!

Safety trainings

Sign up directly for a course or exam from our extensive range including VCA, BHV, HACCP, NEN3140, ATEX and many more. Start learning immediately and take the exam at one of the many locations in the Netherlands.

E-learning & games

We make the most informative e-learning modules, VR and educating games. Content for PC, tablet and mobile for all LMS platforms. Or learn how to make e-learning yourself. This makes online learning always a success!

Learning Management System (LMS)

The power of 1 platform for your Learning & Development needs: the PlusPort software is 100% suitable for organizations of all sizes, but also for training institutes and providers that want to automatically increase their training offer online or via our customers.


Employees often require multiple valueable certificates and diplomas to competently perform their work. With this component of the LMS Academy you can quickly and accurately register them, including scanned documentation and expiration notifications.


Online learning or e-learning can be completed by employees at work, at home, or anywhere else. The only requirement is a computer or tablet with an internet connection. The PlusPort LMS Academy is especially suitable for e-learning and online testing. Publish and manage all e-learning trainings and tests in the LMS Academy and maintain an overview of the progress of your employees.

Course Administration

Easily plan courses, manage registrations and record results for the training process of the entire classroom, for all trainings offered in the LMS Academy. Automatically grant certificates or diplomas to students that successfully completed the training. The LMS Academy automatically keeps students informed regarding the validity of their certificates and will immediately ensure a new registration upon certificate expiration.

HR Applications

With a full LMS Academy, the functions within an organization can be shaped, costs can be divided, budgets can be set and annual plans can be made. Performance and talent management are components that can be configured as flexibly as desired by our clients.

Course overview

PlusPort has an extensive and varied nationwide (e-learning) course offering for safety courses, whether or not combined with classroom components or exams, which can be booked via PlusPort or via our PlusPortDirect portfolio:, and many other websites. But we don’t just offer that: we have a much larger e-learning and micro-learning portfolio.

Popular trainings


PlusPort has many years of experience in developing e-learning modules, video productions, games and micro-learnings. In addition to our standard course offer, we have helped small, large and international organizations to digitize their training portfolio. We do this in-house, both for end customers and for training institutes.

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